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Triton’s power is seen as great, but vulnerable. It is great that he can move indefinitely without Hermes’ level constraints, casuing a sudden win when the opponent is careless. Yet, a tower may be what needed to break his tides. So, how to ride on his waves without being turned by his opponent?

God Power

Each time your worker moves to a perimeter space, it may immediately move again.


Player move


This applies during his move. After his first move, if he steps on a perimeter space, he gets an extra move, but he may stop instead. If Triton is forced to a perimeter space, this doesn't work.

Game Strategies

Early Game

Triton should try to stay outside of the perimeter but one square away from the perimeter, e.g. B2 or B3. I see many players finishing Triton’s turn with a worker in A3 while it is possible for it to finish in B3. There could be situations where staying in A3 is better than B3, but most of the cases you prefer your worker in B3. In that square you have 3 perimeter squares to go to (as opposed to B2) and you still have control over C3. Moreover, it is a classical strategy of Santorini to let your workers in the way of the opponent so that it is harder for him to get closer (Apollo cries in laughter). Consider this simple yet instructive example:


Triton plays b2-b1-b2, build B1(2), and the opponent can’t get closer. Why finish the turn in A1, A2 or B1 while you are obstructing your opponent in a much central square? In the next turn, if Triton wishes, he can still not move up by playing b2-a1-b2, build A2(2). Notice how in this example staying in B2 allows Triton to use the C1 square in case he wants to reach the lower right area of the board (in the future, this can be important if a dome is built in B1).

Anyway, Triton should build in the perimeter (or near it) and usually avoid the center.

Mid Game

Triton should keep building in the perimeter, avoiding big differences of levels. For example, A2(0), A3(2) and A4(0) doesn’t allow a Triton worker in B2(0) to reach B4 via the A-column. This is a common try for an opponent who wants to weaken Triton: build a dome in A3 (or equivalent). This dome restricts Triton’s ability since it is cutting the access on that side of the perimeter (if you don’t understand, try playing a game with/against Triton, where the board starts with a dome in A3 and E3). Naturally, as Triton, you want to avoid this situation.

Is a dome in A2 equivalent to a dome in A3? Not quite, a dome in A3 is much more devastating for Triton. Firstly, a worker in B2 (and this square is easier to access than B3) can use the A column normally. Secondly, Triton can use the A1 and B1 squares to create a deadly with his workers in B2 and C2. Many times, a dome in A2 brings more advantages to Triton than disadvantages so be very careful when you do that. Consider the following example:


Triton has just built in A2, threatening to move up. The opponent can build a dome in A2, but this takes two turns, which gives enough time for Triton to win.

Late Game

The more domes there are in the perimeter, the weaker Triton becomes. Like previously mentioned, Triton should be more worried with domes in A3 (or equivalent) and the corners. If a dome in A3 happens, Triton should stay in the B3 square for as long as he can. That way, he can use the A-column for his mobility and has two adjacent perimeter squares which he can use in case he wants to return to the same square.

In the endgame, Triton will usually be very good due to the fact that he has an easier control of the squares he controls (he ignores opposition and puts the opponent in a situation where the opponent would be worse due to being forced to move). Moreover, Triton should try to stay in B2 or B3 (or equivalent), i.e., almost any square outside of the perimeter which is not the center (pretty easy right?). If the opponent tries to create a threat in a distant area of the board, Triton can use his power to go there and build and start to build a staircase close to that zone. The most important thing is that there are no big differences between square levels (especially in the perimeter).

Specific Matchups


Aeolus is very strong and he can definitely defeat Triton. However, he needs to be careful when placing his wind as there can be more than one way for Triton to reach a certain square.

Apollo & Charon

It could seem like that if Triton keeps building levels 2 and then moves up directly to the second floor he might be able to get away with it. However, a clever Apollo will just focus on moving to a level 1, and from that point on the game shouldn’t be much complicated. With Charon, things are much more complicated for Triton and he doesn’t seem to stand even a chance.


This can be a nice try to destroy the perimeter. However, Triton should still be stronger.


This is a balanced matchup. Triton is probably stronger, but if Artemis is able to equalize in terms of height the whole board, things might become complicated for Triton.


This is an interesting matchup which can be quite balanced. Asteria is able to directly place a dome in those poisonous squares (A3). Still, moving down might give time for Triton to create more threats. In the endgame, Triton proves to be stronger due to easily putting Asteria in zugzwang.


Atlas has one goal in this game: dome every single square of the perimeter. Whenever he does it, the game will be lost for Triton. But Atlas has to be very careful about the order he places his domes. He should preferentially start by placing them in the corners or A3 (or equivalent). He still has to be aware of strategies Triton could do in the long run in order to trap himself in a corner. It is possible for Triton to win this matchup, but not if Atlas plays well.


It will be hard for Charybdis to use her power effectively due to Triton being able to reach almost the entire board in every turn. Charybdis can still try her luck in this game.

Double builders (e.g. Castor & Pollux, Demeter, Hephaestus, Hestia, Prometheus, Terpsichore)

The analysis for the double builders cannot be done equally, although I think Triton is superior to most of them!

Terpsichore is the best try against Triton as she can use her workers as domes in the perimeter and still build twice in the same square, which also proves to be useful (she is better in this matchup). Then it comes Prometheus which is a good pick but still needs to play very carefully. Hephaestus and Castor & Pollux can try to win but it won’t be easy (Hephaestus can build a level 2 in A3, which is quite nice, but is that enough?). Hestia and Demeter stand on the bottom of the chain. It will be very difficult to win as any of these gods against Triton, but I still want you to try it so that you can see Triton’s strength.


Triton will have to defend in the beginning (if not, Eros might win). But after building a certain number of level 2s, Triton will control the game.


What I like about this matchup is that you pick one of the weakest powers of the game, put it against one of the strongest, and the game is somehow balanced. If played well, Triton is better, but the fact that Triton cannot move down will force him to a complete change of strategy. Hades should start by building (just once is enough) in A3 (or equivalent).


This can be another try against Triton, but the fact that Triton can stay at the same square most of the time, is very good against Hippolyta and should be enough.


Hydra is pretty good in this matchup. Besides being able to cover the whole board, she can use her workers as “domes” in the perimeter. She holds an advantage in this matchup.


This monster can try to take the sea from Triton and she might actually be able to do it. Scylla is not as strong as Apollo or Charon, but she is very good to defend and it won’t be easy for Triton to win.


Who would have thought that Siren could share the ocean with Triton? That’s right, a good Siren player will put up a good fight against Triton. I consider this a balanced matchup, and Triton will likely be the one defending most of the game.


It is funny how both gods in this matchup love the perimeter. Therefore, the matchup is balanced. Triton will want to dome the corners while Urania will dome A3 (or equivalent).


You should be very scared of Triton and it will be very hard to win against him without first destroying a piece of the perimeter. Triton is very strong, but still needs to be handled correctly. This said, you probably need to play some matches with and against him in order to fully recognize his power and try to understand how to beat him.

Tier ranking: A