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As the god of the sea, his ability seems powerful, only with a small handicap of one worker drawing power on the ground. And yes, he is one of the most powerful gods in the game! Only a few deities have the power to turn the tide against him. Yet, how to end the game gracefully in a breeze with him?

God Power

If your unmoved worker is on the ground, it can build up to three times.


Player build


This takes effect at the end of the turn. The extra builds are optional, so Poseidon's ground worker can build zero to three times. They can be blocks or domes, following normal rules.

Game Strategies

Early Game

Poseidon can decide many games in the early game. He should start with his workers close to each other, and try to maintain that situation during the game (otherwise, he is not making the most of his ability). Consider the following example which shows how Poseidon can use his ability to get a clear advantage in the first couple of moves.


Poseidon can get one of his workers close and build a “wall” so that the opponent cannot defend. He moves to C3 and build on D4, E3 and E4. The opponent moves to D2 and build on E1. Poseidon then move to E3 and build on E4 and D3. The game is already over as in the next move Poseidon will move to D3 or D4, build a level 3 in E4 and another level 3 in D2 or C4 (the square from which the opponent moves).

Mid Game

Poseidon should not usually be tempted to separate his workers, as one will not be able to help the other. Another mistake Poseidon should avoid is the one of moving up with both workers (before guaranteeing any win). If none of Poseidon’s workers is on the ground level, he is playing with no power for this turn and the next turn.

Late Game

If this stage of the game is reached with Poseidon, it is not a good sign for him. It means that the opposing god is strong and that Poseidon couldn’t establish the win early on (as he usually does). Moreover, in this stage of the game Poseidon will be much weaker for several reasons: it might be harder to use his power effectively (it might even be impossible to use his power, meaning the Poseidon will be playing as a mortal), the opponent also has some initiative, it is harder to connect the workers…

Luckily for Poseidon, this stage of the game is usually not reached since he rules the sea and most powers will be caught in a tsunami very soon.

Specific Matchup


This will be a tough matchup for Poseidon since Aphrodite will most likely be the one to move first. On the other hand, if Aphrodite lets Poseidon move first than she does, this could be enough for Poseidon to win.


Although at first it doesn’t look like it, it will be a nightmare for Poseidon to defeat Apollo. Apollo has at least two good counters against Poseidon: he can move to a level 1 and swap with Poseidon’s ground worker so that he loses his power and he can swap with Poseidon’s workers so that the ground worker moves away and with the highest worker so that Apollo moves up first. Apollo stands better in this matchup although Poseidon could hope to trap himself in order to win.


This will still be harder for Artemis, but if you’re up to a challenge, you can try to defeat Poseidon with the goddess of the hunt.


This game is not quite the same as with Apollo. By building domes, Poseidon weakens Charon and this might make the difference. This is still a balanced game where it won’t be easy for Poseidon to use his normal strategies, but he still does have good initiative.


This is a balanced game in which if Poseidon tries to go for a quick win, the spell can be reversed and Charybdis might actually be the one to do it. I only suggest this matchup if the player controlling Charybdis plays well with her.


At first it might not be immediate how Poseidon will prove his worth. But a player who fully understands Harpies, will have absolutely no problem here.


Although many players don’t like to play with randomness, Hecate is a good pick to defeat Poseidon, although Poseidon still stands better.


This is probably the worst enemy of Poseidon. Whenever Poseidon moves up for the first time, he is “transformed” into a mortal as he will never be able to use his power again. From that point on, Hypnus will just win.


Poseidon is great because he can build up to 4 times. The problem is that against Limus, not only he can build a “wall” but in many turns we won’t be able to build many times. Limus is great against Poseidon and if your friend tells you that Poseidon is unbeatable, just use Limus against him.


Morpheus doesn’t stand a chance against Poseidon, since he is similar to a mortal for the first few turns.


With Nemesis you can ignore what Poseidon is doing and move away. Poseidon will have to come after you otherwise you will get his amazing playing zone. With Nemesis you have to be careful not to get stuck in a corner with Poseidon otherwise the power will be useless.


This is one of the most balanced matchups of the game. These gods really counter each other and the game will last before anyone is crowned the winner.


It is much easier for Poseidon to play against Scylla than it is against Apollo or Charon (which are similar powers). Scylla could hope for a win, but Poseidon will not be the one defending most of the time.


Although it might seem that Siren doesn’t stand a chance, this is not exactly the case. If Poseidon is not careful enough, he can find himself in a situation where he would hope he had started his game in another area of the board. Poseidon stands better here, but he could be definitely surprised.


Terpsichore doesn’t stand a chance against Poseidon. As if it wasn’t bad enough, it might be easy for Poseidon to trap one of Terpsichore’s workers, finishing the game with style.


Unfortunately, Triton is another very strong god which gets smashed by Poseidon.


Poseidon is without any doubt one of the strongest powers of the game. I mean, being able to build four times per turn (at a small price, leaving a worker on the ground level) is just ridiculous. You absolutely need specific powers in order to defeat him, otherwise you will be smashed without ever standing a chance in the game.

Tier ranking: S