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As a gorgon, Medusa is well known due to her stare, which turns her opponents to stone. This seems deadly, like Bia. However, the largest problem with her is her inability to turn the tides. So how to snatch a better position from early on and gain a few statues?

God Power

At the end of your turn, if possible, your workers build in lower neighboring spaces that are occupied by opponent workers, removing them from the game.




This happens at the end of her turn. All workers killed are replaced by blocks, which can be any floor.

Game Strategies

Early Game

Medusa should try to move up as soon as possible. Ideally she would like to move up in the center of the board but the opponent will usually not allow her to do that. If she is in an “isolated island” (only Medusa controls some connected blocks in some part of the board; for example, E4 and E5 are levels 1, Medusa is in E4 and D3, D4, D5, E3 are ground levels), it is very hard for the opponent to get close. In that case the question would be “Who will win faster?” If Medusa can use that island to create a threat first than the opponent does, she will most likely kill one of the opponent’s workers and consequently win.

One tactic Medusa should be aware of in the early game is the double attack. Just like with Bia, this happens when you attack more than one worker and the opponent can only defend one of them. Consider the following scenario, where the opponent has just played b3-c2, build B2(1):


Medusa can use this early opportunity to win a worker (and most likely the game) by playing d2-c3, build D4(1). Note how either the C2 or D3 worker will die because no matter what the opponent does, Medusa will be higher than one of the opponent’s workers at the end of her next turn. Also consider this example taken from a game:

Middle Game

The double attack can still be applied here, but I hardly doubt you will get a position where applying that is possible or advantageous. The opponent might be in a situation where sacrificing a worker could be for his own advantage. You should always try to look for opportunities to move up, especially close to the center.

Late Game

If you are able to reach this phase with Medusa, things might get complicated for your opponent as not being on a level 2 might cost him a worker...

Specific Matchup


In order for Asteria to use her power, she needs to step down. But you don’t want to do this against Medusa… So how will Asteria use her power? A tricky matchup, but Asteria should still be stronger.


An interesting matchup where Atlas/Selene cannot go for the strategy to cover all the board with domes. Furthermore, Selene has to be careful not to lose the female worker.


It is a tricky matchup but a balanced one. If Medusa loses a worker, she will not get her power back and she will lose. So Medusa should keep her workers together while attacking and defending.


Clio’s coins might be placed in awkward squares due to Medusa’s first builds and this is a very very tricky matchup. I recommend you to try it.


A balanced matchup where Medusa wants to move up but Dionysus might ruin her plans by completing a tower.

Graeae and Proteus

Medusa dominates against both of these gods, even if they go first. The fact that Graeae can only build with her unmoved workers is just terrible against Medusa and will make it very easy for her to move up.


Hades’ power in this matchup just sucks. Hades usually wants the opponent to move up so that he can trap them. This strategy cannot be applied against Medusa since he will get killed.


Although it might be easy for Medusa to move up to the perimeter, it is not that easy for her to stay there. Furthermore, it might be especially useful for Harpies to sacrifice a worker in this matchup since the block that replaces their dead worker might only be useful to them. I would only recommend you to pick Medusa in this one if you are a good player with Medusa and a good player against Harpies. Even in that case, you are facing a challenge.


Medusa is very strong against Hera. I do not recommend this matchup.


This might be interesting to try, but in fact Medusa holds the upper hand. It will be very hard for Hydra to have more than 3 workers on the board and Medusa can just keep on moving up until she wins.

Killers (e.g. Bia, Theseus)

These matchups are just asking to be offered. Two killers and your question might be who does it better. For Bia, although I give an edge to Medusa in this matchup, this is still a fun and balanced matchup where you might get the opportunity to play with one worker against a worker, and in that case I have no doubts that Medusa is stronger. For Theseus, this matchup will be easier to play for Medusa, and I doubt Theseus can use his power without getting killed first or getting killed after he uses it. Yet again, another tricky matchup where Medusa stands better.


An interesting balanced matchup where I would say Medusa is slightly stronger.


It might be trickier than usual for Morpheus to play this, but I’m still confident that he is stronger here.


Although Pegasus is stronger here, he should not be overconfident as this matchup is trickier than it looks.


Medusa is one of the trickiest powers since you have to play quite differently against her. The problem of Medusa is that the opponent usually has a power which is strong enough to “ignore” her and Medusa won’t stand a chance.

Tier ranking: C

Although Medusa might seem very good at first, it is not easy to activate her if she is facing a good power. However, she can definitely be a secret weapon against a variety of powers.