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As the queen of the Amazons, Hippolyta creates unfairness by handicapping all workers except her female one. A careless player can easily be trapped due to her, and even herself is not safe from that. So, how to dominate the board with her power?

God Powers

All workers except your female worker can only move diagnoally.


Opponent blocking


It is important that the opponent realizes something right away: their workers will stay in the same diagonal for the rest of the game. This implies that if the opponent wants to have control of all squares, they should start with their workers on different diagonals, e.g. B2 and D3. A very common mistake is for Hippolyta to start with her workers on C3 and C4 and the opponent, without thinking, places their workers on B3 and D3 (the opponent will most likely lose).

Game Strategies

Early Game

It is common for Hippolyta to be the second to place the workers (otherwise she gets an early strong control of the center) so most matchups will most likely have the same placement of workers: the opponent places their workers on C3 and C4 (or equivalent) and Hippolyta replies with her workers on B3 and D3 (you can try something else, but this seems the best reply). Now the opponent has two choices: either they give up the central square (which Hippolyta can willingly occupy next) or they move the C4 worker and it seems that this worker will need support from the other.

Mid Game

Since Hippolyta also has a handicapped worker, the opponent should try to take advantage of this and build next to the male worker (in its wrong diagonal) and not next to the female worker. This of course, if they have to make a choice between building next to one of Hippolyta’s workers. Since Hippolyta restricts the opponent’s mobility, Hippolyta should try as much as possible to force the opponent’s workers to the perimeter and the opponent should avoid the perimeter, especially the corner which has only one diagonally adjacent square. Whenever Hippolyta can get a 1vs1 with her female worker, she should take immediately as she is just winning from that point on (unless the opponent has a much better position). This can happen when the opponent’s male worker is trapped in the perimeter by Hippolyta’s male worker and a level 2 (for example, the opponent is in A4 on a level 0, there is a level 2 in B3 and Hippolyta’s male worker in B5).

Late Game

Hippolyta is very strong in the endgame because the female worker has no restrictions while all the other workers will not be able to move so easily. As in the previous stages, the opponent should be as far away as possible from the perimeter, otherwise they will be trapped quite easily.

Specific Matchup


Hippolyta has to stick close to Aphrodite. But since Aphrodite’s mobility is restrained, it isn’t so easy to “force” Hippolyta to where she wants. This makes an interesting matchup.


Bia’s chances are hopeless in this matchup.


Clio’s ability to control 3 central squares makes her too strong for this matchup and Hyppolita will be hopeless.

Dionysus and Eris

Dionysus and Eris may only move Hippolyta’s female worker in every direction, not her male worker.

Double builders

In general, these gods will just outstand Hippolyta since building twice is just too much to handle when your power is too innocent (consider a comparison with Urania).


Restricting Harpies to move only in the diagonals is not very effective. Besides, Hippolyta’s male worker is very weak and she will have a lot of difficulties in that matchup.


It is not that simple for Hydra to play with many workers without having to kill them. Although this is quite balanced, it is still better for Hydra.


Iris isn’t so powerful when she is only restricted to move diagonally and Hippolyta should be favored in this matchup.


Just like Bia, Maenads’ reduced mobility affects her in every possible way and the positions in which she can sandwich the opponent are quite rare. Even worse, if she wants to make use of her power, she must start with both workers in the same diagonal.


Since Pegasus can jump two or more levels, Hippolyta’s usual strategy to block the opponent in a level 0 by building a level 2 won’t work. Hence Pegasus will put up a fight and this will be a balanced matchup.


Proteus might be stronger in this matchup, but he must play very very carefully. He should start with two workers in the same diagonal and the other worker in the other diagonal. If Proteus finishes the turn with all workers in the same diagonal, he will never be able to visit the two diagonals again! Therefore, at each move, if Proteus moves the worker from the diagonal in which he only has one worker, he can force either worker. Otherwise, he must force the worker from the same diagonal.


If you never played this matchup, you might be caught by surprise. Terpsichore starts the game and the placement of workers can be a blunder! If Terpsichore places both workers on different diagonals, she will lose in a matter of moves (try to check it) as Terpsichore will trap one of her workers. For example, if Terpsichore starts with her workers in C3 and C4 (what a natural move…), the game is already lost. So Terpsichore must start with her workers on the same diagonal! Even if she does realize that that’s her only shot, it will still be pretty difficult for her and Hippolyta will most likely win.


Although Hippolyta weakens her own male worker, her female worker will be the star of the game. It will not be easy for the opponent to create winning threats since a worker in a specific diagonal can only win in that diagonal and creating winning threats in the other diagonal will most likely just help Hippolyta.

Tier ranking: B