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In Greek mythology, the three sisters, called Graeae, shared an eye and teeth. Now, they share one move and one build! However, this is tricky because it is sometimes counterintuitive and troublesome. So, how to use this power for making deadly attacks?

God Power

You start with 3 workers. When building, build with a worker that did not move.


Player move/Player build


Playing with Graeae is totally different from playing with all other powers and it will probably take you a few games before you recognize her power. First of all, and most importantly, Graeae has to be conscious that in order to block a winning threat, she has to be neighboring that square in the previous turn. For example,


It is Graeae to play and there is only one move which doesn’t lose. If Graeae was a mortal (no power), a normal move would be c5-d5, build E5(2). But Graeae isn’t a normal power and she must plan her moves thoughtfully. For example, playing the previous move would just lose to a1-b1, build A1(3) (since if Graeae moves to b2, to block E1, she cannot build with that worker). So what is the solution? The opponent can create winning threats in A1,B1,C1 so Graeae must move to a square neighboring these squares so that she can block a possible threat in one of those squares with that worker. In this case, Graeae would have to play c2-b2, build E5(2) and she would be perfectly fine!

So Graeae needs to be extra cautious while defending. One good tip to remember is to avoid going to the perimeter, since centrally placed workers control more squares. On the other hand, if the opponent plays in the corners, it might be tricky for Graeae to defend.

Game Strategies

Early Game

Graeae should try to control as much area of the board as possible and avoid going to the perimeter. If her opponent builds in a corner and Graeae can move there, it is probably a better idea not to go there (if Graeae lets her opponent go to a corner, that will be easy to defend using that worker). If Graeae is in a corner, this worker is almost useless and won’t be able to defend more important squares. For example, if Graeae has no worker neighboring B2, the opponent can just build in this square and comfortably move up to that square in the next turn (since Graea cannot build a level 2 in that square). I would advise Graeae to avoid such a situation at all cost.

Mid Game

It is usually very important that Graeae uses all three workers correctly. For example, one to defend, one to get in the way and the other to win. If Graeae had only two workers, you would see how terrible she would be. This all to warn you to avoid a position where one of Graeae’s workers is left on the ground level. This scenario usually happens when Graeae leaves that worker there in order to defend some squares. But she should at all cost avoid that, since we could say she will be only playing with two workers and things will become very difficult.


Graeae’s B2 worker is in a terrible position, but it has to be there to defend A1, B1 and C2. A way to improve this worker’s position is by going:

1. G: b2-a2, build E5(3) O: e3-d4, build E5(X)

2. G: a2-b1, build C5(2)

So although Graeae wasted a winning threat in E5, the left lower corner worker is now much better placed. Moreover, Graeae should now be careful as the opponent moving to e3 can result in a win (if they move next to e2 and build in E1). Nevertheless, this shouldn’t be a problem as Graeae has a lot of level 3 threats she can use to deflect the opponent.

An inner corner level 2 worker is very strong: If Graeae moves to a level 2 in an inner corner such as D4, the opponent should start packing their bags. Not only is this worker in a good square, but it is on a level 2, which means that the opponent cannot win the eight adjacent squares. What makes Graeae so good in the position is that she can move the other workers and build with the B2-worker, creating several threats (the ones near to the corner/perimeter are especially hard to defend). For example, this scenario is also good with other powers who can build without moving (e.g. Castor & Pollux, Siren, Hermes).

Late Game

Concerning an endgame, Graeae has its advantages and disadvantages. A good quality is that she can let her best positioned workers still. The cost is that she has to build with those workers, which is not always good. Moreover, as mentioned before, if one of her workers gets stuck, it should almost be game over for Graeae (even if the stuck worker is somehow able to build).

Specific Matchup


At first it might seem that Artemis will create threats in every corner and Graeae won’t be able to deal with all of them. But just wait, Graeae might just surprise you.


Being able not to move against Athena is great (take Hermes as an example) and that’s why I’m mentioning this matchup. It will be a balanced fight and once again a strong player on Graeae’s side will give Athena a headache.


Very interesting matchup where Graeae cannot afford to get one worker trapped. Moreover, Graeae’s presence on the board (three workers) make it easier to prevent Atlas from placing domes wherever he likes. It is not clear who will win this game as on one hand, it is not easy for Graeae to build away from Atlas but on the other Graeae’s three workers will probably make up for it. I would tell the more experienced player to play with Graeae.


Who has the guts to play against Bia with Graeae? Surprisingly (or not), Graeae has very good chances to win.

Castor & Pollux

Although this might seem scary to Graeae (what will she do if C&P gets both workers to level 2?), this turns out to be playable for both sides.


This matchup has to be played very carefully by Graeae as Charybdis, as we all know, can create several winning threats and Graeae must be be close by sticking next to every level 2 in the board before Charybdis places a whirlpool in a level 3 and threatens to win. To make up for it, having three workers makes it harder for Charybdis to place whirlpools on squares not accessible by Graeae.


Although it may not seem at first, it will be hard for Demeter to win this game. Graeae stands better.


Hephaestus will take the win without any problem.


Having 3 workers against Hypnus is just great. If you have at least two workers at the same height (and they are your highest workers), then all of your workers can move!


Wow, Graeae is actually stronger in this matchup. It is not by much, but it should be much easier to play with Graeae, you just have to be careful not to get your workers to the perimeter, or you can be out of squares to build (if you have played this matchup, you know what I’m talking about).


No! Just don’t play this.


Usually Graeae (and Proteus) will play very well against Nyx. When there is night, Graeae loses her power, but this can even be better than having a power, since she keeps playing with three workers and builds with the one which moves. I would almost always pick Graeae in this matchup.


Pan could try his luck against Graeae, but Graeae will still be stronger.


This will be very difficult for Graeae, especially if Pegasus builds levels 2 in the middle of the board.


This is a matchup likely to be offered. Both powers have 3 workers, so why not try them together. Graeae is stronger in general, but this matchup turns out to be fairly even.


Selene will have a lot of difficulties in this matchup. Graeae will use her workers to block Selene’s female worker from getting close.


This will be unbelievably, if not “impossible” for Graeae. I would pick Siren in a blink of an eye.


Another very strong power against which Graeae can actually play. As I always recommend, domes in A3, E3, C1 and C5 are essential against Triton. From there, it won’t be easy for Triton to create any real threats and a stronger player with Graeae can make it work.


Although Graeae is much different from most powers, and it might take you some time to get used to it, the more you play with her, the more you will realize how strong she is and how hard it is to win against her if she plays well. Graeae just has to avoid powers which have good mobility (e.g. Urania) and which can force her workers away (e.g. Siren, Minotaur).

Tier ranking: B