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If you read our previous guides, you will know that domers are great. However, only two of them can throw domes all over the board. And only one domer can do that in addition to their normal build! Here comes Asteria, the goddess that can build domes all over the board. Many people think that she is powerful, however, using her power isn’t as easy as it sounds…

God Power

At the end of your turn, if one of your workers moved down this turn, you may build a dome in any unoccupied space.


Player build


Asteria’s power is optional, so you can choose not to build a dome when you move down. Besides, Asteria’s power is a little bit different: you have to earn money so that you can spend it. In this case, the “money” is moving up. With this said, Asteria should take any possible chance to earn money, i.e., to move up (so that she has sufficient money to use her power). If Asteria cannot move down, she cannot use her power and she is just worthless. Moreover, Asteria would prefer to pay the exact money she needs to use her power, without giving a tip. If she is on a level 2, it is better to use her power by moving to a level 1 than to a level 0 (in a level 1, she is probably able to use her power in the next turn).

Game Strategy

Early Game

The best early plan for Asteria is just to try to move up. If she cannot move down, she cannot use her power, so she should try to do it as soon as possible. One thing Asteria is good at is to ignore the opponent, as she can play on a distant part of the board and still defend by moving down and placing domes.

Middle Game

When Asteria reaches the level 1, she has two good choices: try to move up to a level two (to accumulate more power) or to move down. If Asteria has to choose between staying at the same level or moving down from a level 1 to the ground level, I would usually go for the latter. If she makes sure she can move up in the next turn (which is normally easy since she builds and then may place a dome). When choosing where to place the dome, it is natural that it is a defensive move, at least for the first few times Asteria uses her power. If there is a choice between a level 1 or level 2 neighboring the opponent, the correct option is usually the level 2 (the opponent spent two turns building that level). So you can already see that against Asteria you should not invest too much in just a square, since Asteria can just dome it in one turn.

Domes can also be used to attack. When Asteria’s workers are close and one of them is in a level 2, it will be very dangerous for the opponent. For example, one worker might move down, build a level 3 creating a winning threat and place the dome so that the opponent cannot defend that threat. A very simple example can be seen in the following example:


Asteria wins by playing b4-c5, build C4(3), dome D4.

Last but not least, Asteria might use her domes to trap the opponent, which might not be that hard since she can place the dome in a square of her choice.

Late Game

As we already know from Atlas, domers are usually strong in the endgame. Asteria is no exception to that case. By moving down when there are already a few squares, she can “choose” the ones available to the opponent, which makes her very strong. If Asteria can move down, it is extremely difficult for the opponent to win, even if they create two winning threats, since Asteria can move down, block one of them and block the other with her dome.

Specific Matchup


Domes make it easier for Asteria to run away from Aphrodite. Moreover, if Aphrodite runs away to create a winning threat, it will be Asteria winning that fight since she can just step down and move on with her life.


Although Asteria might have a slight edge, this is a balanced game and it will take true skills.


A tough fight where it is easier to play with Artemis, but the game will still be balanced.


Although these powers might place more domes and it might feel like they’re controlling the game, in the game it will be Asteria the one to rule, since moving down is extremely powerful when there are very few squares.


Asteria might use her dome to destroy one whirlpool, which in some situations can give her the win. Anyway, I would still choose Charybdis in this matchup.


It is hard for Asteria to play this matchup because she cannot afford to give Circe her power. If such a thing happens, then Circe might move down, place a dome, and it will be hard for Asteria to reunite. Moreover, recall that even if Asteria connects her workers, she can only use her power if she can step down.


After Clio’s first three coins, it will be very hard for her to make progress. The game isn’t that unbalanced, but it will definitely be easier for Asteria.

Double builders

Double builders can build twice, but when Asteria moves down, she can build at least twice (I’m viewing a dome as at least one build). What does this mean? It means that Asteria will put up a good fight against these powers. Of course, each case should be analyzed separately, but I would only say that Prometheus is “clearly” better than Asteria, since it still might be tricky to play with Terpsichore.


Eris is very good against Asteria due to the fact that she can move Asteria down, making her lose her power.


Although Asteria can place domes wherever she wants (she still has to move down), it is not that easy to keep Eros apart and this matchup will provide an interesting game.


Although Asteria is stronger here, it takes a good player to make use of her full potential. If Asteria moves to the same level (or moves up) and is then forced down by Harpies, she cannot use her power and she wasted power (she went down without being able to use her power). If Asteria moves down, ideally she doesn’t want to be forced down again (of course this can only happen when she starts on a level 2), since she will be wasting her power (when she is on a level 2, she can move to a level 1 and in the next turn to a level 0, using her power twice in a row). Moreover, the presence of domes is very good against Harpies, and being able to choose where to place them is just great.


Asteria should only place domes on squares in which she is absolutely sure that Hecate cannot be, otherwise, she could have moved down without being able to use her power (but at least she discovered the location of one of Hecate’s workers).


Asteria can only win outside of the perimeter. In order to get a favorable position, Asteria might have to place domes outside of the perimeter (I would for example advise a dome in C3, if you see that you cannot reach that square). Both gods will have a tough time to win and although the endgame is tricky, I would still choose Asteria.


Being able to place domes against Limus is great, since you have no restrictions. This game will be a balanced fight, but it still won’t be easy for Asteria to get the win.


This is a balanced matchup. As we know, Minotaur is very strong but he hates domes, so Asteria has that good counter.


Trying to trap Proteus is the same as nothing, so that strategy is out of question. Anyhow, the more domes there are the weaker Proteus becomes. It might seem that Proteus is too weak in this matchup, but you would be wrong – this is an interesting combination.


Siren is another power which hates domes (I say that she is just doomed against Atlas or Selene). But Asteria cannot place domes at every single move, so what’s the outcome of this matchup? Asteria is still stronger. For example, if Siren forces Asteria up, she is just giving power to Asteria…


This is a cool fight, where if Triton isn’t fast enough, he will lose. This is because the more moves there are, the more domes there will be in the perimeter and from that point on Triton will be hopeless. As I would recommend in most matchups against Triton, Asteria should dome the squares C1 (and equivalent).


Urania is blocked easily by Asteria and once Asteria destroys the corners and perimeter, Urania has nothing to play with. This matchup is favorable to Asteria.


In the first few moves of the matchup, Asteria might ask herself “How will I make any progress?”. But don’t worry, Asteria is stronger in this matchup and she will most likely win.


Being able to place a dome ANYWHERE on the board is something that not many powers can brag about. This ability, although it requires Asteria to move down, is very good to defend threats (in Santorini, you normally win because the opponent cannot dome the square you are threatening to win and against Asteria that won’t happen that easily), trapping opponents and also attacking.

Tier ranking: A