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The Main Rule

One person = One BGA account = One person 🧑

Playing from the same IP

You are able to play at the same table using the same IP (internet address). It is allowed only if you have a premium account.

When this happens, there will be a "this player plays from the same IP address as another player" warning under the affected players. This warning lets other players know that there are players at their table that are able to discuss the game outside of BGA.

If you wish to play from the same internet address as another person:

  • The best option is to not play at the same table, or play at a table where you know everyone.
  • If you play with strangers, make them comfortable with the fact you are 2 (or more) different people: do not discuss the game outside the chatroom, and DO NOT collaborate (or engage in kingmaking) with your partner.

When some of your opponents are playing from the same IP:

  • You may politely refuse to play with them.
  • You should be vigilant and check that they are not collaborating during the game.
  • You do not have to report until you are certain that two or more players are engaging in a concrete kingmaking action. If you report players, saying that "they are playing from the same IP" without any kingmaking proof, we will close your report.

Boosting your ELO by playing against yourself

This is the most stupid and useless thing to do on BGA. I mean, why waste your time doing something so useless instead of playing games with other people?

Why? Not only is it very easy to detect, but also severe punishments will be handed down as result:

  • Any secondary accounts will be removed.
  • Your primary account will have its ELO for ALL games reset to zero.

Why this is so easy to detect:

  • When you start having a very good ELO, all other good players will look at you and your game history. In the game history, it is really easy to see how you managed to have a good ELO (through legitimate play or boosting).
  • In BGA, every game can be replayed. If a game is suspect, players can check the replay to determine if the game was real, or a fake game designed for boosting.
  • In addition to this, we use automatic methods and collect technical information that allow us to check if "one person = one account".

It happens that some players will attempt to ELO boost, but in the end, all boosters are detected and reset to 0. This is why this is a waste of time for everyone, and why it is useless to do so.

If you have a lot of time to spend, please try to get better at this game and do not try to cheat, because it is just a waste for everybody.

😋You can play in the same location, just don't boost yourself.😋

What we are trying to say is; DON'T ELO boost. It won't work!

(Ps: using a VPN to change your IP will end in the same outcome)