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  • On your turn, choose an action between moving a totem or creating a totem.
  • If you choose to create a totem, place one tiki on an empty village without any tiki.
  • If you choose to move a totem, move the whole totem a number of villages equal to the height of the totem, without return or diagonal movements.
  • For each move, leave the lowest totem on the village passed. A totem belongs to the owner of the highest totem.
  • After moving or creating, the player who isn't taking the turn chooses the resolve order of influenced villages. A village is influenced when there are 3 tikis on it. The owner of the totem gets the number of fruits indicated on the village tile. All tikis on it are then returned to their owners.
  • The owner of the cursed village loses a fruit, which is spoiled and placed on the side, when it is influenced. If the player has no fruit, apply the effect on a fruit from the reserve.
  • Shaman variant - Option to place the shaman between two villages when a shaman marshland (village that does not give positive or negative fruits) is influenced. Totems are not allowed to move between villages where there shaman was placed.

End of the Game

  • When a player owns 4 fruit, they win the game.
  • When the fruit reserve is empty, the player with the most fruit wins.
  • If it is a tie, return a fruit to the reserve that was previously removed due to spoilage. The player who wins that fruit, or who makes their opponent loses a fruit, wins the game.