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Goal of the Game

In Snow Time, players use their cards in the different levels of the tree (from 1 to 7) to challenge each other and collect as many fruits and energy as possible.

There are 3 types of points that can be earned in the game:

Fruit Points, Combat Points, Energy Points.

When you get 1 point, no matter what kind, you move one square along the scoring track.

The first player to reach the last square of the scoring track wins.

How to play

1) Place the Fruit Tokens

At the beginning of each round, 2 Fruit tokens appear on the tree: the youngest player rolls the 2 dice. Then place 1 Fruit token on each level indicated by the dice results, taking them from the supply (if you get the same result, place 2 Fruit tokens on the same level).


  • A Fruit token remains on the board until someone takes it.
  • If there is no Fruit token left, do not roll the dice.
  • If there is only one Fruit token left, only 1 die is rolled.
  • No Fruit tokens can be placed at level 7.

2) Play a Card

Each player chooses a card from their hand and places it face down in front of them.

Subsequently, the cards are revealed simultaneously and, after resolving any Special Cards, they are placed next to the corresponding levels on the board.

3) Resolve the Actions

Important: The actions must be solved level after level, starting from the top of the tree to its base. The actions must be resolved in the following order:

A. Special Cards - B. Combat - C. Fruit Tokens - D. Energy Points - E. Bonus

A. Special Cards

A Special Card must be played face down, just like a Character Card.

It is revealed simultaneously with the other cards.

1. Healer (unlimited use)

It allows you to recover up to 2 cards of your own color from the discard area.

Special case: If all the cards have been discarded, the Healer card allows you to recover all of them, not just 2. However, waiting too long to recover your cards greatly restricts the player's possibilities.

Note: The Healer card can never be discarded, even if a Blizzard (see below) is played in the same round. Players always recover their Healer card at the end of the round.

2. Observer (once per game)

After all the cards have been revealed, the player who played the Observer card chooses a new card to play from their hand.

Special case: If two or more players play an Observer card, all these players must choose a new card, place it face down and reveal it simultaneously.

3. Blizzard (once per game)

All Character Cards played in this round are discarded. The player who played the Blizzard card scores 1 Battle Point for each Character Card discarded. If that player finishes their move on a Combat Bonus space, they also get the bonus.

Special case: If several players have played the Blizzard card in the same round, everyone gets 1 Battle Point for each Character card discarded. The Observer and Blizzard cards are permanently discarded, face up, after use.

B. Combat

A fight takes place if:

1) More than one character occupies the same level.

All these characters fall from the tree: they are all defeated and the cards they played in that round are discarded. Each player earns 1 point Fight for each of the other defeated characters.

2) A character is alone in a level and there are one or more characters in the level immediately below them. In this case, that character defeats all the characters found in the level below: they all fall from the tree and the cards they played in that round are discarded.

The character who won the fight earns 1 Battle Point for each defeated character and remains on the tree. Since the actions are resolved from top to bottom, a character can be "saved" if the characters above them are defeated by another character further up the tree!

Important: Character cards are always discarded face up. They must be divided by color and placed so that everyone can see their numbers in any time.

C. Fruit tokens

Each character who is still on the board after the fight has taken place takes all the Fruit tokens from their level, gaining 1 Fruit Point for each Fruit token they have taken. Next, place the Fruit tokens in the supply.

D. Energy points

At the end of the round, the character who is at the lowest level of the tree gains 1 Energy Point.

E. Bonus

There are numerous bonus boxes on the scorecard.

If you finish the movement on a bonus square after scoring points, you immediately advance 1, 2 or 3 extra squares (depending on the square), provided that at least 1 point of the same type has been scored during this round.

- The bonus points are not cumulative, even if the first bonus leads to another bonus box. - There can be several pieces in the same square.

4) End of the Round

Players retrieve their characters if they are still on the tree. A new round begins! Follow steps 1 to 3.

Reminder: Discarded Cards

  • All the discarded Character Cards (1 to 7) can be recovered with the Healer card and must therefore be placed in the discard area at the bottom of the board.
  • The Healer card can never be discarded and always returns to the hand at the end of the round.
  • The Observer and Blizzard cards can only be used once per game and must therefore be placed in the discard area at the top of the board after use.
  • All discarded cards must be placed face up and sorted by color.

End of the Game & Winner

As soon as a pawn reaches the last square of the scoreboard, its owner instantly wins.

The other players don't get their points!

It must be remembered that the actions are resolved from the top down, in this way a player who occupies a level above can win the game before the other players have a chance to react.