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Set up

2-player game: 6 cards / type veggie

3-player game: 9 cards / type veggie

4-player game: 12 cards / type veggie

5-player game: 15 cards / type veggie

6-player game: 18 cards / type veggie

Turn Basics

On your turn do one of the following:

Draw one Point Scoring card from the 3 decks


Draw 2 veggies from the grid


In addition to the above, at the end of each of your turns you MAY flip over a previously taken Point Scoring card to its veggie card side (veggie type produced shown in the corner)


End of turn, draw from the column's deck to replace taken veggies if applicable.

End of Game is when all cards are taken.


Score based on what your point cards tell you e.g. 1 point per carrot

Veggie cards can be counted toward scoring multiple types of Point Cards. E.G. a carrot can be used for your 1 point per carrot card AND your 3 point per carrot/cabbage pair. So, if you had 1 carrot and 2 cabbages, you'd get 4 points.

Majority scoring cards also apply for joint majority, e.g. if you and player 2 both have 5 carrots, whilst player 3 has 3 carrots, you'd still get the majority carrot points.

For cards that score points for the fewest veggie, 0 veggies do count as fewest.