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  • Deal 1 role card to each player.
  • All players start in Atlanta.
  • Place 1 research station in Atlanta.
  • The outbreak marker starts on 0 and the infection marker starts on the first space.
  • Deal player cards equal to 6-number of players to each player.
  • Shuffle epidemic cards into the player pile.
  • Shuffle the infection pile. Reveal 3 cards and place 3 cubes on each location, then repeat but with 2 and 1 cubes.


  • On your turn, you can take 4 actions from below:
  • Drive: Move your pawn one step by a red line. If it goes off the edge, it wraps to the other side.
  • Direct flight: Discard a card to move to that city.
  • Charter flight: Discard a card same as your location and move to any city.
  • Shuttle flight: Move from a research station to another research station.
  • Build station: Discard a card same as your location and build a research station there. You can only have at most 6 stations.
  • Treat disease: Remove 1 cube. If that disease is cured, remove all cubes of that colour. If the cure is found and no cubes of that colour remain, that disease is eradicated. Flip the cure over.
  • Discover cure: Discard 5 cards of the same colour in a research station to discover a cure for that colour. Place its cure on the board.
  • Share knowledge: If two players are in the same city, give or take a card that matches the city.
  • Pass: Take no other actions.
  • After taking actions, draw 2 cards.
  • If an epidemic card is drawn, discard it. The infection rate moves 1 space. A bottom card from the infections pile is drawn and 3 cubes are placed in that city. The discarded infections are shuffled and placed on the infections pile.
  • Draw infection cards equal to the rate of infection, and place 1 cubes on matching cities. Your turn ends.


  • Players have a hand limit of 7. They must discard if over immediately.
  • Special cards can be played at any time, costing no actions.
  • If an infection card with colour matching an eradicated disease is drawn, it has no effect.
  • If a city is going to have 4 cubes of the same colour, an outbreak occurs instead. Add a cube of that colour to all adjacent cities. The outbreak marker moves one space.
  • Each city can only have one outbreak in one turn, but can be affected by multiple outbreaks.

End of the Game

  • If all four cures are discovered, all players immediately win.
  • If there aren't any cubes of a colour when needed, all players lose.
  • If the eighth outbreak occurs, all players lose.
  • If the player pile is empty, all players lose.


  • Contingency planner: As an action, take an event card from the discard pile and place it on his role. It doesn't count against his hand limit but only 1 card at a time can,be on it. When a card from his role is played, it is removed from the game.
  • Dispatcher: As an action, move another player as it is his own or to another city with players.
  • Medic: Remove all cubes of a colour when treating disease. If a disease is cured, the medic needs no actions to treat it.
  • Operations expert: As an action, build a research station for free or charter flight from a research station by discarding a card.
  • Quarantine specialist: No cubes can be placed on your city and all cities connected to it.
  • Researcher: May give any card when sharing knowledge.
  • Scientist: Need 4 same coloured cards to discover a cure.


  • Number of epidemic cards: 4 for introductory, 5 for standard and 6 for heroic.
  • Hands: Players may choose whether to disclose all hands.
  • Roles: Players may choose whether roles are picked manually or randomly.