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  • Each player gets a 4*4 board and fits them together. This is each player's territory.
  • Each player gets 3 pawns (one dot), 3 drones (two dots) and 3 queens (three dots) and places them in their territory. Colours don't matter.
  • On your turn, move a piece in your territory. If you move onto an opponent's piece, you capture it.
  • Pawns can move one space diagonally, drones can move up to two spaces orthogonally (at right angles) and queens can move any number of spaces in any direction.
  • You can merge a drone and a pawn to a queen if you have no queens, and merge two pawns to a drone if you have no drones.
  • In a 2-player game, your opponent may not “reject” your move; if one player moves a piece across the canal, the other can’t move it back to the same square it came from.

End of the Game

  • The game ends when a territory is empty.
  • Each player scores 1 point for a dot on a piece they capture. The player with the most points wins.
  • If there is a tie, the player who makes the move causing the game to end is the winner, regardless of points.