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Game Play

This game is played in 4 rounds.

Selection of Building Blocks

At the beginning of the round players select 6 building blocks from their personal supply. Starting with the start player and going clockwise around the table players take 6 buildings from their supply to their player board after looking at their cards. Building blocks cannot be changed during a round.

Playing Cards & Building Blocks

On your turn, play a card from your hand and place it face up next to your player board. When you place the card, the image must be oriented according to the position you're sitting at the table. Then choose one building block from your player board and place it on the space shown on the card.

You can place the building block within any of the 6 cities but must follow 2 conditions:

  1. The site you build on must be the same site show on your card. (The red-marked section indicates which building site you must use)
  2. You may place a building block on top of another building, but the new building block must have the same or more floors than the blocks the current owner of the building had present in the building. (The top building block color indicates the owner of the building)

After playing a card and building a building, draw a new card from the deck.

Round End & Scoring

The round ends when all players have placed all of their 6 buildings from their player boards. Then the players count up their points for highest building, city majority, and individual buildings.

  1. Highest Building: The player who owns the highest building on the entire game board gets 3 points. If there are 2 or more buildings of the same height, nobody gets the points.
  2. City Majority: The player who owns the most buildings on each city gets 2 points of that city. If anyone is tied for a city, nobody gets points.
  3. Individual Buildings: Players score 1 point for each building owned.

After scoring first player status passes clockwise and a new round is started.

Game End

The game ends after the 4th round (all building blocks are gone). The player who has the most points wins the game. If there is a tie, the player who owns the highest tower wins. If there is still a tie, the player who has more majority wins the game.

Rule changes for 2 and 3 player games:

3-player game rules: Players take 4 building blocks each round, and the game continues for 6 rounds instead of 4.

2-player game rules: Each player takes 2 colors and 4 building blocks of each color for each round. The game lasts 4 rounds. On a turn, players can use either of their building block colors. Game scoring is the same as in a 4 player game, however the score from both colors is added together to determine the winner.