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Players are hunters trying to gather the largest number of animals. For each specific animal, the player(s) with the most cards of this animal earn as many points as they have cards of that type while the other get nothing for this animal. The game is played in rounds and ends after the deck is empty. During rounds, each player secretly chooses a hunting ground, then spends their boomerangs to determine which player is going to hunt first.


Begin of the round

Animals cards, which feature 1 animal and 2 hunting grounds, are added to the river until either all land types are featured or the deck runs out. If some animal haven't been hunted at the end of a round, these remain in the river for the next round. If the deck runs out, a last round is played with the cards in the river.

Hunting ground selection

Each player secretly chooses a land token and places it face down in front of them. This allows players to hunt animals whose cards feature this land.

The hunt

In turn order, each player can either:

  • throw a boomerang and puts one of their boomerang token into the pot
  • pass and get all the boomerangs tokens from the pot. They then place their land token face down on top of the stack.

The last player to pass will be first to play next round.
When the second to last player has passed, it’s time to capture the animals.

The capture

The last player in the hunting phase reveals is land token. They then adds to their tableau all the cards from the river featuring the land indicated by the token.
Then, the owner of the land token at the top of the stack (the second to last in the hunting phase) reveals their token and takes the corresponding cards from the river.
Repeat until the stack is empty.
It is possible that players at the bottom of the stack get no card at all.
If the deck is empty, the game is over; proceed to scoring. Otherwise start a new round.


The game ends when there is no deck to build a river at the start of a round.

If a player has the most cards featuring a given animal, they score the number of cards they have featuring that animal. If multiple players tied, they both score.

Each player scores one point for each group of 6 boomerangs they still hold.

The player with most boomerangs wins ties.