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Draggable is the component that supports drag and drop.

This is example on how to use this with stock, see full implementation in "sharedcode" game in bga.

		createMyDraggableInStock: function(targetDivId, allDragTargets) {
			var draggableObj = new ebg.draggable();
			draggableObj.create(this, targetDivId, targetDivId);

			dojo.connect(draggableObj, 'onStartDragging', this, (item_id, left, top) => {
				//console.log("onStart", item_id, left, top);
			dojo.connect(draggableObj, 'onDragging', this, (item_id, left, top, dx, dy) => {
				//console.log("onDrag", item_id, left, top, dx, dy);
				var targetParent = this.getDragTarget(item_id, allDragTargets, left, top);
				if (targetParent) {
					dojo.addClass(targetParent, "drag_target_hover");

			dojo.connect(draggableObj, 'onEndDragging', this, (item_id, left, top, bDragged) => {
				if (!bDragged) return;
				//console.log("onDrop", item_id, left, top, bDragged);
				var targetParent = this.getDragTarget(item_id, allDragTargets, left, top);
				const fromstock = this.getStockSourceByDivId(item_id);
				const cardId = this.getStockCardIdByDivId(item_id);
				const tostock = this.getStockByTargetId(targetParent);
				if (tostock && tostock != fromstock) {
					var cardType = fromstock.getItemTypeById(cardId);
					tostock.addToStockWithId(cardType, cardId);
				} else {

			return draggableObj;

Draggable it was created long time ago when HTML5 did not have such support, it probably best to use direct html5 spec now

There is example fiddle but as now it does not work on Mobile browsers and Chrome does not fire most of the events as of now

The following example is similar to what Draggable is doing by using modern pointermove event (but not drag and drop) (and it works on mobile)