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Tips papayoo

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For the rules of papayoo, see GameHelpPapayoo


Passing cards

Strategy 1

  • Pass all your highest cards (any suit).

Strategy 2

  • Pass all of one suit
  • So that you can play your high or payoo cards when your voided suit is lead.
  • Beware you may be passed a single papayoo 7 or other high card in that suit!

Playing cards

  • To avoid winning a trick, players are often tempted to play lower ranking cards than those played by previous players.
  • Players should know to "build up a few points" in the first rounds when the stakes are low to then get rid of their highest ranking cards and keep the lower ranking cards for the following rounds.
  • This can even be an advantage for the last player as he clearly knows the ranking of the cards.

Additional Tips

  • Leading can often be a disadvantage, especially in the later tricks of a round.
  • Because there are twice as many payoo cards as any other suit, leading payoo means that the other players are less likely to be out of the suit and might have to take the trick.