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Reduce your opponent's health to 0 first


A turn is made up of 5 phases

• Choose a Spell

• Cooldown

• Gain Mana

• Cast

• Basic Attack

(For the first three turns of the game, players skip the mana/cast/attack steps and instead just choose 1 spell on their turn.)

Choose a Spell

From those on display, pick one and add it to your area

If your area already contains 6 spells, you must choose and discard an existing spell (one which has no cooldown mana on it) to make room


Remove a single Mana off all your spells

Gain Mana

Draw 3 mana cards, mana cards have values between 1 and 4

Maximum mana hand size of 10 cards


Any spell which is not on cooldown (i.e. has no mana cards beneath it) can be cast if the player wishes and is able to

Spend the number of Mana cards (not the card values) required and place these on the cast spell in a staggered way so it's clear how much mana is left

Some cards cost 0 Mana, so no cards are required

Basic Attack

You may discard a single Mana card and deal damage equal to its value (1-4)

As such, you may want to think about what Mana cards are generically used during the Cast phase

Spells in Detail

Spells have various effects as described on the cards

However, what's common between them is the information on the top left banner, which tells you THREE pieces of information

The number on the stack of cards icon tells you how many mana cards are required to cast it, and, in the same way, tell you how many cooldown turns until it can be cast again (ignoring potential other spell effects which could alter this)

The symbol in the circle tells you how it will activate, either immediate effect (Down Arrow), ongoing effect (Circle Arrow), or a delayed effect (Side Arrow). Immediate effects occur as soon as you cast it and that's it. Ongoing effects occur as long as there is still mana on the card. Delayed effects occur each time a mana card is removed from it, either through the normal cooldown or perhaps another spell's effect.

The colour of the circle tells you the type of effect. The effect itself is in the description, but the colour just gives you an at a glance idea of what it might do. Red circles deal damage, Green circles gain mana cards, Purple circles break the rules of the game in some way

Game End

The game ends the moment one player is reduced to 0 life, at which point their opponent wins!