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This is a co-operative game where you roll dice to activate your abilities and win (or lose) together!


A turn is made up of 5 Steps

Reveal Baddie Ability

Roll Dice

Reroll (Optional)

Use Abilities

Baddie Abilities

Reveal Baddie Ability

Each Baddie has lettered abilities

Reveal a letter card to find out which one is going to happen (later)

However, if the word "Quick" is used, it will happen earlier

Roll Dice

The dice are rolled

You start with 5, but may have access to up to 7

Re-Roll (Optional)

If you wish, you may spend a Power Cube to reroll any number of dice you desire

If you're still not happy, you can spend another Power Cube to reroll the same, different, or a mixture of dice again

Use Abilities

To use an ability, you need the related dice which activates it

It's important to note that each ability can only be used ONCE in your turn

However, your abilities can be used in any order

Baddie Abilities

Baddies will now resolve their abilities

If there are multiple baddies, they will resolve as follows:

Non-Damage and non-Fear abilities first

Fear Abilities second

Damage Abilities Last

Card Details

The cards are grouped into a number of categories

Weapons deal damage (Broke Heart)

Fear (Sad Face) means later damage does more damage, so if possible use this before weapons

Heals, well, heal you (Heart) players start at 15 health, but a player max health is actually 30, so nothing wrong with healing on first turn as you will gain!

Dice manipulation (Hand) messes with the dice in favourable ways

Power Cubes (Three dice in a circle) give you more flexibility on future rolls

Other cards may have more textual abilities, not related to the above symbol system

End of Battle

Once all Baddies are defeated, your team will Loot and you'll gain upgrades before the next fight

Finish 4 battles to win

If ANY player drops to 0 health, you all lose....