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Play and gather Chips whilst trying not to exceed a total Chip value of 21

The chips in the game are:                                                

In a four-player game there are four extra chips:                


On your turn, pick a chip to play. (The chip chosen does not have to relate to the previous chip.)

Once all players have played, the player with the highest chip (or highest chip played earliest if a tie) gets first choice on which viewable chip to take, then in clockwise from them everyone else takes a chip of their choice

Two rules on collection:

1) The player who collected first (i.e. played highest earliest) puts their collected chip in a display area in front of them whilst everyone else takes their new chips into their hands

2) Red chips must always be taken before any other colour

After this, the player who took first is now the player to play first in the new round

Round End

If the player who is now supposed to start the round has no chips in hand (i.e. they are all in that player's display area) the round ends

All remaining players transfer their hand chips to their display area

All players whose chips total over 21 are eliminated for the round

The remaining player with the highest total gains a Score Tile to show they won the round

If everyone was eliminated, the player with the highest total out of those eliminated gains the Score Tile

In either case, if there is a tie for highest, all tied players win a Score Tile

Game End

The first player to collect 3 Score Tiles wins

If there is a tie, all players who tied win together