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The gameboard is a puzzle of sorts, where you're trying to figure out both where certain terrain types are AND where certain crop types grow via deductive reasoning and elimination


On your turn you perform one of 2 actions, either to move (and Discover the terrain if you land on a non-terrain space), or to Divine (to deduce the crops in terrain spaces containing your meeples), after which you have the option to turn in a set of different crop tokens to earn extra points.


Movement is orthogonal and for a SINGLE meeple at least 1 space i.e. you can't stay where you are and may NOT return to it

To move more than 1 space, you must enter a tile with either a crop token or a meeple of your colour

You may never enter a space of a meeple of another colour

You may not stop on the same space as another of your meeples

You can use your move to bring a new meeple into one of the vacant starting spaces


If the meeple you JUST moved lands on an empty space, use the Pachamama Wheel to determine what terrain tile to place there via the co-ordinates

Advance your score marker on the terrain type discovered and score based on how many other of your terrain markers are at that point e.g. if you have discovered 2 sands, 2 grass, and 1 rock, discovering rock will score you 3 points whilst discovering your 3rd sand will only score you 1 point

If you reach the top of the track for a terrain type, you only score 1 for future same terrains even if you have multiple terrains at the top


If your moved meeple finishes anywhere else, you can instead perform a Divination with as MANY of your meeples as you like who stand on terrain tiles without crops (minimum of 1 Divination, you can't do no action)

Guess a crop type which will grow on that meeple's space and check the Pachamama Wheel to find out what actually grows there

If you are correct, you gain points equal to the crop type, a crop token of the same type (unless you already have one of that type), and may perform further Divinations if able or want to

If you are incorrect, you lose points equal to the actual crop type (not the guessed one), you are not allowed to perform any further Divinations regardless if you can or want to, and you skip the "Offering" part of your turn


At the end of your turn, you may turn in a number of different crop tokens to score bonus points from 1-5 tokens for 0/1/3/6/10 points

Terrain Rules

Terrain regions can be made up of anywhere from 1 to 5 tiles, all connected orthogonally

Terrain regions of the same type will never touch, either orthogonally or diagonally i.e. if two terrain tiles of the same type are touching diagonally, this means a third tile MUST be between them to connect orthogonally

Crop Rules

The number of crops in a region is equal to its region size

Additionally, the crops in a region are all different and always increase from 1, i.e. in a size 3 region crops 1-3 will be present and never crops 4-5

Regardless of region, crops will never be adjacent to crops of the same type, orthogonally or diagonally

The crops and their levels/colours/points are:

1 Brown Potato

2 Green Coca

3 Red Chili

4 Yellow Corn

5 Purple Quinoa

Game End

The game ends when the final terrain tile is placed, at which point all players in turn order get a chance to perform divinations until all players pass. At which point, everyone turns in their crop tokens for final offering scoring