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  • Work together!
  • Defend Aughmoore from the hordes of attacking Enemies.
  • Ultimately defeat the Epic Foe.


Draw and Resolve Turn Cards

  • During a Round, players draw cards, one at a time, from the Turn Deck until it is depleted, resolving the actions or outcomes of each card and then placing them into the Discard Pile.

Players get 3 actions per turn normal or 4 once at least 1 region is destroyed

Reshuffle Turn Cards and Add a Horde Card

  • When their are no more cards left in the Turn Deck, flip the cards in the Discard Pile and add 1 card from the Horde Deck without revealing it. Shuffle these cards together to make a new Turn Deck to start a new Round.

Reveal Epic Foe

  • If there was no Horde Card to add to the Turn Deck this Round, reveal the Epic Foe instead, and place its card next to its Region Card.

Game End


  • The players win the game if they Fight and defeat the Epic Foe, reducing its Hit Points to 0 Health!


  • The players lose the game if the Capital City is Destroyed, its Threat reaching the Destruction Level.


Capital City

  • The Capital City is the Region in the center.
  • It is connected to the left and right Outer Region.
  • The City can not be secured once it's Threat rises.
  • If the City gets destroyd, all Defenders lose the game.
  • At the start of their Turn, players in the City are healed completely.

Outer Regions

  • All Regions around the Capital City.
  • Can be traveled clockwise or counter clockwise.
  • When destroyed, it's Ability is no longer available.
  • Can be secured to reduce Threat.



  • Use Action Points to:
    • Move around
    • Use abilities
    • Secure Regions
    • Fight the Epic Foe


  • Attacks two Outer Regions.
  • Can be defended by losing health.
  • When undefended:
    • Increase Threat in target Region.

Dire Enemy

  • Attacks one Outer Region
  • Can be defended by losing health + Gain Loot
  • When undefended:
    • Increase Threat in target Region.
    • Uses it's ability to wreck havoc.



  • When a Defender's lost all Health, they are Exhausted. That Defender may not use Action Points to Secure, Fight, or Defend, but may still use Action Points to Move and Use Abilities (as long as they do not Secure, Fight, or Defend).

Gaining Artifacts

  • Artifacts are gained by Defenders when they Defend against Dire Enemies.

Destroyed Regions

  • Defenders cannot Secure Destroyed Regions, and Destroyed Regions cannot be restored their original state.

Attacking the Capital City

  • When a Destroyed Outer Region is attacked and NOT Defended, or if Threat was increased in a Destroyed Region due to an effect, the Capital City increases by 1 Threat instead.