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The game ends after all 7 columns have been constructed


On your turn, you have two options

You can take stones, either 3 of yours, 2 of the neutrals, or 1 of your opponent's, from the supply into your reserve (which can hold up to 3 stones)

Alternatively, the player can place a stone from their reserve into a temple column

A column can have a maximum of 5 stones on it

Each temple column has a bonus action a player can take IF they supplied their own stones (hover for info)

If a temple bonus causes changes to another column, no additional bonus from the adjusted column is provided

Games end

The game ends when all columns are built, as in they all have 5 stones on them

Each column is scored independently, whoever has the most stones of their colour in that column wins the column

Each column scores for the winner as follows: 1VP per winner stone, 3VP per loser stone, -2VP per neutral stone (as such, it is possible to win and score negatively, e.g. 4 neutrals and 1 of yours is -7)

The player with the most points after scoring all columns wins!