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This is a co-operative game

Move Romeo to the balcony next to where Juliet is while avoiding guards of a specific trait.

Game Play

One player will be informed of a trait of the guards. This could be either the color of the card, the shape on the background of the card, or the dog breed. The other player will hold the information of Juliet's balcony.

Each player takes turn moving Romeo or a guard one space orthogonally.

Only Romeo is allowed to move up and down the start column. Once Romeo has left the start column, he is not allowed to return to it.

Game End

Players win when Romeo reaches Juliet.

Players lose if he ever ends up next to a guard with the specific trait. This includes being in the final column next to the balcony.

Players also lose if they move into the final column (next to the balcony) from the incorrect row. P