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A Bluffing game of 2 Rounds with 5 turns each round


Simultaneously, everyone writes down a 3 digit number from those that are available to you

Reveal, if your number is bigger than someone else's, BUT they have a matching digit, you disqualify

If you accidentally wrote a number that wasn't available to you, you disqualify

If you match another player's number, you both stay in

All non-disqualified players write the left most digit of their 3 digit number as their score

The non-disqualified player with the biggest number gains the round bonus

All non-disqualified players cross out all digits used that round, so they are no longer available

Disqualified players gain a score of 0 BUT keep all their digits

Final Turn

In the final turn, non-disqualified players double their score BEFORE applying the bonus (if any)

End of Round

Count how many digits you crossed out and enter the quantity in the squiggle space

Add this to the values across your score spaces to get your round score

Flip your board and put your round 1 score in the round 1 space

Erase your front board and continue into Round 2 the same as outlined above

End of Game

The game ends after the end of the second round, where you will add together your first round and second round scores

The player with the highest score wins

If a tie, all tied players win together