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You share scores with your neighbours but your final score is the multiplication of both your partnerships (e.g. you and right score 3, whilst you and left score 2, gives you a total score of 6)


Play a card to either your left or right neighbour, then pass the hand of cards on

Cards are made up of two types (Splito and Objective)

Objective cards are the ways in which you score points

Splito cards are the means to achieve the objectives


There are many different types of objectives, but the following concepts will help you understand any you come across:

A grey diamond with a number inside it refers to the number on a card

A coloured exterior with a white diamond refers to the colour of a card

The black diamonds at the side of the card denote points but only count one side e.g. a card with 3 diamonds on the left and 3 on the right if completed would give you 3 points