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This is a co-operative game played over 7 rounds

Strategy Discussion

Except for mentioning dice values, players can use this phase to talk openly about strategy

After this phase, communication is not allowed

Dice Phase

Each player secretly rolls their 4 dice

Starting with the start player, take turns placing a die in empty spots

Spots may be blue, orange, or blue/orange, you can only place dice in spots which match your colour (blue pilot, orange co-pilot)

Furthermore, some spots only allow for certain value dice

The spaces with warning symbols on MUST be filled, but don't have to be filled first, so in essence 2 of your 4 dice are pre-determined and the other 2 are free to use however you wish


Mandatory spaces (you must place one dice there each round)
  • Axis: if both numbers match nothing happens, if they are different then turn the dial towards the player who played the highest value that many so 3 5 would move it right 2 spaces whilst 5 3 moves it left 2 spaces. If this movement causes the dial to reach either X, the players LOSE. The players also lose if this is not completely horizontal at game end.
  • Engines: add together the two dice values and compare to the Aerodynamic strip (the blue orange semi-circle). If the value is below blue, nothing happens. If between blue and orange, immediately move 1 space on the airport track. If above Orange, immediately move 2 spaces on the airport track. If there is a plane on space 1 of the approach track when you advance the track, this causes a collision and you lose. If the approach track is advanced such that the airport disappears, you overshoot and lose.
Optional spaces
  • Radio removes plane tokens from your path based on the value, so a 1 removes a plane in the current space whilst a 2 removes a plane in the next space
  • Landing Gear allows the blue marker on the Aerodynamic Strip to advance 1 space, making it easier to stay within the parameters for Engines axis, also all Landing Gear MUST be activated to WIN. These can be activated in ANY order.
  • Flaps work similar to Landing gear, except they advance the orange marker, and again all Flaps MUST be activated to WIN. These MUST be activated in order.
  • Concentration adds a coffee token, to the maximum of 3. A coffee can be used by anyone to add or subtract 1, but values can't exceed 1 or 6 and neither do these end values loop i.e. 1-1 doesn't equal 6
  • Brakes must be activated in order and at game's end your speed must be less than your brake value however activating brakes is NOT required

Reroll token

You start with one reroll token. At any time you can play the token and both players can reroll any number of dice in secret. Reroll tokens can be carried over from round to round and a maximum of three can be held at any one time (more tokens are available with the Mastery Special ability (special abilities are available on red scenarios)

Round End

At round's end, decrease the altitude by 1 to count the rounds left

After 7 rounds, you have landed:

  • If you reach the airport before the 7th round, you must maintain speed and are in a holding pattern, a movement of even 1 at this point causes the plane to crash and you LOSE
  • If you reach the ground (round 7) but haven't yet reached the airport, you have crash-landed and LOSE

During round 7, instead of comparing Engines to Aerodynamics, compare Engines to BRAKES instead (which is a lower than value, rather than within value)

Game End

As mentioned, the game ends at the end of round 7

The win conditions (and alternative lose conditions) are scattered above, but for convenience, the win conditions are:

  • Clear all other airplanes off the Approach Track
  • Flaps and Landing Gear are both fully activated
  • Axis is completely horizontal
  • Speed is less than Brakes

If the above is true, you win! If at any time things go wrong, you can LOSE earlier than round 7 end