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Gain influence points to become the only one master of the merchant guild.


Move camels around to gain resources. 3 types of resources:

- Artifact : to activate effects of recruit cards or stocks of artifacts.

- Recruits pawns : allow you to collect cards to link (respecting color matches) with your clan sheet and other connected recruit cards.

- Yellow and blue caravan : Rally the caravans, but be careful, the small yellow caravans give small bonuses, and the blue escorted caravans are protected, they can bring big gains as big losses. SPY ON THEM FIRST!


A player turn is divided into 5 phases

1: Move one of your camels

2: Collect resources

3: Move a guild camel

4: (optional) Activate "available abilities" between the start of the player's turn and before phase 5

5: End of turn


First, if a camel of yours is outside the game area, replace it on either the central Guild tile or an Oasis tile of your choice

Choose a direction, and move one of your camels in that orthogonal direction with the following conditions:

- It must stop at the next available resource tile

- It cannot move through opponent camels

- It can move through opponent camels if they are on Guild or Oasis tiles

If none of your camels can move, choose one of it and deplace it on your dashboard then skip the phase 2 "Collect Resources"


When you arrive on the Resource Tile, you must take one available resource between: Artifacts, Recruits, or Caravans

ARTIFACT => If you pick an ARTIFACT, choose one of this two options:

1- place it in your storage and, if stacked enough, you can unlock the related ability

2- place it on an empty Artifact space on your recruit cards, and trigger all the effects adjacent to that space.

Be careful, If you do not have space for an Artifact, discard the one you just gained.

Be careful, the quantity of artifact cubes is limited

RECRUITS PAWNS => If you pick a RECRUIT, place it on the Recruit Track and take one of the available Recruit Cards. These cards should be connected by respecting color matches. they possibly can be mis-matched, but placing cards of the same colour next to each other will allow you to use their abilities when later placing an Artifact. The new card can either be placed on the far left or far right, your clan dashboard starts with some colour openings to help you choose. If you already had artifacts in your storage, you can move immediatly them into the new spaces now created, if you want.

CARAVANS => If you choose a CARAVAN, use its ability immediately or keep it camel side up to use later. The yellow Small Caravan tokens have minor abilities, but they are always positive, while Guarded Caravan tokens have stronger abilities but can also have negative effects when you pick them up. be careful, spy on them to avoid heavy penalties.


Move the Guild camel of your choosing. move it as it were a Player Camel. You may decide to have the Guild camel stop on a free Desert on its path. Be careful to the position of enemy camels and guild camels on the tiles. it is possible to attack with a guild camel if you have an attack ability available. Stay away !!!


A player may, at any time during their turn before the phase 5 "End turn", activate abilities in their possession.

- CARAVAN : Reveal one of your Caravan tokens and activate its ability.

- STRATEGY TOKENS (ATTACK SIDE) : Discard one of your Strategy tokens and and trigger an attack.

- RECRUIT TRACK : Remove Recruit pawns from the Recruit track of your clan board to activate the chosen ability. Used Recruit pawns are placed on empty Recruit spaces of the Guild tile. If you are unable to place them there, they are removed from the game instead.

- STORAGE ABILITIES : If an Artifact cube is placed above one of the storage ability icons, you may activate its effect. Activate it this turn or any other turn, as long as the Artifact cube is there, by placing one of your 2 Lock tokens. Each of these abilities can be activated only once per game.

- ARTIFACT SPACE : Activate an Artifact space of a Recruit card: place an Artifact cube from your storage, or a cube you made by using the Recruit track, on an empty Artifact space, and trigger both abilities adjacent to the placed cube.

5 : END TURN (Automatic)

If any tile has no resources left on it, the game flip it on its Desert or Oasis side (except for the Guild tile). Any camels on that tile remain on it after it flips.

If there are less than four cards in the Recruitment area, the game reveal cards to complete it. If the deck is empty,the game shuffle the discard pile into a new deck.


The end of the game is triggered when there are only 6 tiles Resources side up (treat the Guild tile as one such tile). The game ends when all players have taken the same number of turns (the first player does not take another turn).

All unrevealed caravans are revealed.

Count Influence points:

• Gain positive (Blue) and negative (Red) points from Caravans,

• Count leftmost visible value on Storage and Recruit tracks respectively,

• Count influence points of Activated Artifacts(with no Lock token),

• Count bonus linked to the Clan leader ability and Recruit cards with a Clan ability (and activated on both sides)

The player with the most influence points wins, if a tie the tied player with the most combined Recruits and Artifacts wins! If still a tie, everyone loses...


(Some tokens have two icons on them, resolve both in either order)

Blue Circles gain you Influence points

Red Circles lose you Influence Points

A Meeple in a Rectangle gains you a Recruit Card

A Meeple in a Rectangle with X4 discards the recruitment cards available and draws 4 new ones

A Spyglass lets you look at a Caravan token either on the map or in a player's supply

A Chest gains you an Artifact cube from the supply

A Bird with Arrows lets you take a resource on a tile orthogonally adjacent to the Guild Camel

A circular token lets you take a Caravan token from anywhere on the map

A Tornado lets you move any Camel to any unoccupied space without collecting resources

A Clashing Swords :

ATTACK : Trigger an attack from your camel’s tile, or from any Guild camel. choose one of this two very important possibility :

1 => Choose an opponent’s camel (or Guild) on an adjacent tile: the targeted player discards anArtifact cube of their storage.. If their storage is empty, the attacker chooses an Artifact cube from one of the attacked player’s Artifact spaces. It is replaced by a Strategy token, Lock side up. The abilities of that locked space are no longer active, and cannot be activated for the remainder of the game. The discarded Artifact cube is placed on an empty Artifact space on the Guild tile. If you are unable to place it there, place it back in the supply instead. The attacker must move, if possible, the attacked camel to a free orthogonal adjacent space (including theGuild tile/Oasis and Deserts).

2 => Choose a Caravan token adjacent to your tile or on your tile. The Caravan token is removed from the game, face down.



Each player starts with a unique clan leader, these are:

Merchant - Score 1 Influence per pair of Artifact cubes in your Clan area.

Diplomat - Score 1 Influence per pair of Recruit cards in your Clan area.

Thief - Score 1 Influence per pair of one Artifact cube and one Caravan token in your Clan area.

Spy - Score 1 Influence per pair of activated Spying abilities in your Clan area.

Dealer - Score 1 Influence per pair of one activated Attack space and one artifact cube in your clan area

Explorer - Perform up to two Move actions (without backtracking). You collect only on the last tile you move into.