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In COOPERATION mode, players control prisoners trying to find Room 25 and escape together before the end of the countdown.
In SUSPICION mode, one to two guards infiltrate the prisoners, looking to prevent their escape through deception or brutality!

Players always start in the central room, and the Room 25 is always initially placed amongst the 12 tiles at the corners (3 in each corner).


Depending on the game mode and the number of players, the game lasts between 6 and 10 turns.
In SUSPICION mode, there are 10 turns for 4-6 characters, 9 turns for 7 characters and 8 for 8 characters.
In COOPERATION mode, there are 8 turns for 4 characters, 7 turns for 5 characters and 6 for 6 characters.
During each turn, characters move first from left to right, as indicated on the countdown board.
At the end of each turn, first character becomes the last one, and is turn marker is moved to the right of the previous last character on the countdown board.

Game Setup

Suspicion Mode (4 or 5 players)

BLUE: Central room + Room 25

GREEN: 5 Random tiles

YELLOW: 1 Jamming room + 7 random tiles

RED: 2 Mortal rooms + 1 Timer room + 7 random tiles

Suspicion Mode (6 players)

BLUE: Central room + Room 25

GREEN: 1 Regeneration room + 1 Robot room(*) + 5 random tiles

YELLOW: 1 Jamming room + 7 random tiles

RED: 1 Mortal rooms + 2 Shredder rooms + 7 random tiles

(*) Warning! During the setup the Robot rooms are part of the 12 rooms that is placed on the Exit Zones, as the Vision Room.


Each turn includes 3 different phases:
•PROGRAMMING: All players program simultaneously up to 2 actions by turn and, if they want, the ADRENALINE only once in the game
•ACTION: In turn, the players resolve their first action, then the second
•COUNTDOWN (advance the turn marker and change the turn order)

All the players have a starting clue. During the first Turn, before the first Programming phase, each player secretly looks at one of the four rooms adjacent to the Central room, and replaces it face-down in its initial location. Warning: Each player looks at ONE room only, even if they play more than one characters.


Each character has 4 base actions (Look, Move, Push and Control) plus a Special Talent (if enabled).
Each player chooses two actions. The order of the actions is important, the one placed first will be played first. Players choose their actions secretly and simultaneously.
A player can also choose to program only one action. During the Action phase they will be able to choose if they play it during the first action turn or during the second one.
Adrenaline token: The Adrenaline token allows the character to take a third action, once per game. During the programming phase, a player must decide whether or not to use its Adrenaline token.


The first player reveals their first action and resolves it immediately. Then, following the turn order, the next player does the same and so on until all the players resolved their first actions. Second actions are resolved using the same process. Every programmed action MUST be executed, even if it works against the player. If one action cannot be completed, the action is lost.


Choose and observe secretly a room adjacent to your character. Once you have looked at it, replace it face down. You are allowed to give indications about the room’s danger level (the color of the room) but you CANNOT tell the other players the name of the room.


Move your character to an adjacent room. If the room is still hidden, it is revealed when you reach it. The room will stay revealed for the rest of the game. A room effect applies every time a character enters it.


Move a character standing in the same room as you to an adjacent room. Your character stays put and the pushed character immediately applies the effects of the room in which they land. If the room was still hidden it’s revealed. Characters can't use Push inside the Central Room.


Move the line that includes your character’s room one rank in the direction you choose (vertically or horizontally). All the rooms slide one rank in the same direction, all the characters stay on the rooms they’re standing on and slide with them. The room at the end of the line exits the Complex and is replaced at the other end of the line. Afterwards, a Control token is placed next to the line you just moved with the arrow pointing in the direction of the movement.
1st exception: the Central room CANNOT be moved and always stays at the Complex’s center. Therefore, it is IMPOSSIBLE to use the Control action to move a central line (containing the Central Room).
2nd exception: A line can be moved several times during the same turn but ONLY in the SAME direction.

Special Talent (if enabled)

This special ability is represented by a special token for each character, which is added to their four basic actions (Look, Move, Push, and Control). During their programming phase, players now select two tokens from five available.
Important : Special Abilities CANNOT be used in the Central Room NOR using Adrenaline.

Issues (since it seems the Dev abandoned the game): Emmett - Lock On: -the ability description is wrong: you cannot place a lock on a room you occupy, the bga adaptation functions correctly. -the bga adaptation is not allowing you to place a lock on an adjacent room while you are in the central room, which should be allowed under the rules.

Adrenaline (if enabled)

After the Action step, if at least one player has scheduled an Adrenaline action, one more round is played. In turn order, each player who scheduled an Adrenaline action carries out one of the four basic actions (Look, Move, Push, or Control) immediately. They can even repeat an action already taken this turn or an action lost due to a penalty. The adrenaline token is then lost.

M.A.C. Cards (if enabled, Cooperation and Solo modes only)

The M.A.C. cards (MOVE ALONE COMPLEX) generate immediate events that affect the complex or the characters and make the game much more difficult (but might provide assistance).

M.A.C. cards have two levels of difficulty:

  • Barrier cards - complex movement cards, Punishment cards, and various others.
  • Madness cards (only in “Madness Level” Solo and Cooperative play) - more difficult and varied.

Note: Players can look through the M.A.C. card discards at any point during the game.

Reminder tokens

Each player has a Reminder Token they can use at any time during their turn, in addition to their actions. They can place the token on any room still hidden anywhere on the board as a reminder. The token is recovered only when the room it’s placed on is revealed. Once recovered, the player can use it again. To place a reminder token double click on the room during the look action.

NOTE: You are unable to put down a reminder token during the first look pre-programming action when the game starts.


When all actions have been resolved, the TURN ENDS: All Control tokens are removed from the complex. The first player becomes the last player.

NOTE: Adrenaline actions are not within the same turn. The turn ends and then the adrenaline actions are resolved. This is important for rooms like flooded - where you have to move out of the room before the end of your next action.

Winning conditions


To escape the Complex the characters have to:

  1. Activate the Key Room (Cooperation Mode only)
  2. Find the Room 25 and made each prisoners reach it
  3. Move ROOM 25 from EXIT zone towards outside the complex with the CONTROL action, once all prisoners are inside.

It is IMPOSSIBLE to escape alone.

In Suspicion Mode, the prisoners can escape even if 1 or 2 guards remain within the ROOM 25. Also, if only one prisoner has been killed or didn’t reach Room 25 in time, the others can still escape but ONLY during the LAST TURN of the countdown.

In SOLO mode, all prisoners should escape; the game is lost even if one prisoner dies.


The guards win if two prisoners are killed or if the prisoners did not escape before the end of the countdown.

Identity reveals

Take off the masks

When playing with a single guard, a character must reveal their identity whenever all the others characters have reached Room 25 (even if that character is a prisoner).
When playing with two guards, the same applies as soon as two characters are left out of Room 25.
In both cases, the identities of players inside Room 25 are kept secret.

After a character elimination

If one character is killed, they keep their identity secret.
If a second character is killed: The 1st killed MUST reveal their identity.
If the 1st character is a guard, the game continues.
If the 1st character is a prisoner, the 2nd character killed MUST reveal their identity.
If the 2nd is a guard, the game continues.
If the 2nd is also a prisoner, the game ends and the guards win.