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Rainbow is a game for two players using 9 color cards. Another color is written on the back of the card. Players in turn play cards in the shared space.
You can earn cards by completing the rainbow or causing the opponent to make errors or shadows.
The purpose of the game is to win more cards than your opponent.


You can play 1 to 3 cards on the turn.
However, if you want to play a second or third card, you must flip the card that is already in play on table.
You can pass at any time after taking out the card from your hand or turning over the card in the table.

When playing from your hand, you can choose to play as it is or flip it over.

Error︰ If you play a card of the same color (or flip it over), your opponent wins the round.

Shadow︰ If you play Black (or flip it over), your opponent wins the round

Rainbow︰ If you complete the rainbow with 6 different types of cards, you will win the round

If you win the round, take all the cards in play.
Then the player on the next turn starts a new round.

End of game

When the deck runs out and the player can no longer replenish his hand, the game ends immediately.
The player with the most cards wins.