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Start of the game. Each player alternately, puts a ball from his reserve into any hollow which he has chosen.

Stacking on a square

When one or more squares of balls are formed on the board or at higher levels, a player can choose to stack one of his balls on it; when it is his turn to play, he then has a choice between:

  • taking a ball from his reserve and placing it on the board,
  • placing a ball from his reserve on one of the squares of balls,
  • moving one of his balls already on the board and putting it on a square of balls, but only if this move raises his ball by one or more levels. This move enables him to save a ball in his reserve. A ball on the board cannot be moved if it is already supporting another balls.

Square in the player's own color

A player who makes a square of balls in his own color immediately takes back either one or two of his balls from the board and puts them back in his reserve; He may recover any ball belonging to him by picking them up from any level of the pyramid - including the one which he has just placed - except for those balls that support other balls. (Making several squares of balls in his own color by putting on one ball only allows the player to withdraw one or two of his balls).


The winner is the one who places his last ball at the top of the pyramid.


To start gradually, it is possible to play without using the rules for the "square in the player's own color " - only the rules for stacking allow the player to save balls.


A player takes back one or two of his balls which are on the board when he makes a square or a line in his color: To be valid, alignments must be on either the first or the second level. An alignment consists of:

  • 4 balls of the same color in line on the first level,
  • 3 balls of the same color in line on the second level.

A diagonal line is not an alignment. No more than two spheres can be taken back per shot.