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The game plays over 3 rounds


On your turn, take a card from the display and place it in your area, whoever chose last chooses first next

To place a card there are a number of conditions

Firstly, if the number on the card matches a number in your grid, it will be placed in the empty space

If the grid space is filled with a facedown card, treat it as empty and place it there

If the grid space is filled with a faceup card, pick which one to keep faceup and the other goes facedown under it (so either the old or new card could be faceup)

If the grid space is filled with a faceup card with a facedown card under it, it is considered validated, and as such the new card has to go facedown on an empty space

Round end

The round ends when a player has at least 1 card in all 9 spaces

Validated cards (faceup cards covering a facedown card) score the number on the faceup card

Spirals visible anywhere score 1 point each

Crosses visible anywhere lose 1 point each

Condition cards score based on their condition e.g. 1 point per faceup

The largest orthogonally adjacent same colour faceup cards score 2/3/4 points per card in round 1/2/3

Don't forget that multicoloured cards count for wherever they're needed

Note down the round scores, shuffle all the cards, and start a new round

Game End

Once three rounds are finished and scored, the player with the most points wins!