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ORION Duel is an abstract board game for two players where the goal is to control cosmic space by connecting key elements.

Here's how it's played:

On their turn, players place one of their tiles on the board. You can place a tile on a galaxy or a black hole if the color of that tile connects to others of the same color already on the board.

4 paths to victory:

  • Connect opposite edges of the same color with a continuous flow of your color.
  • Connect 4 galaxies with a continuous flow of your color.
  • Connect 3 black holes with a continuous flow of your opponent's color. Strategic placement and clever connections are essential to win this cosmic battle.
  • Opponent cannot place any tile

The game ends immediately when a player reaches one or more of the victory conditions. In case both players reach one or more of the victory conditions in the same time, the winner is the one who reached more winning conditions or the game continues if tied.

If no victory condition majority occurs, the game ends when all tiles have been placed. In this case the player with the largest value coming from: count of all the galaxy tokens minus the black hole tokens of each corresponding player. If the values are the same the game ends in a tie.

ORION Duel is a dynamic and engaging game that combines abstract strategy with a quest for victory. It's easy to learn, but mastering it requires skill and cunning.