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The goal of the game is to achieve more points than your opponent(s) by winning more hands also known as rows and/or by collecting royalties on premium hands without fouling.
 Each player plays cards across three hands, the top, middle, and bottom, such that at the end there are 3 cards in the top, 5 in the middle and 5 in the bottom; 13 total in the completed hand, legal or not. The best front hand is three aces. Straights, flushes, and straight flushes are not legal front hands.


At the end of each round, you check the hand requirement for all players (by default Top hand ≤ Middle hand ≤ Bottom hand). If some player(s) don’t meet them, the hand is considered fouled/mis-set and has zero hand ranking. So if no players meet them, all players will score 0 for the round.


In Pineapple OFCP, instead of one card per round per player as in Original OFCP, each player is dealt three cards per round, playing two and discarding one.


For each line, top/middle/bottom, we compare the hand rank for each pair of players. The highest hand wins 1 point, plus the royalties of the hand, minus the royalties of the other player. If one player defeats another on all three lines, he/she gets a bonus of +3 points. The defeated player loses points equal to the gain of the other player. 
If one player loses all their 100 starting points, they lose immediately.


After normal scoring is complete, if any player has a pair of queens or better in the top line, they enter in fantasyland which is a bonus round where they receive 14 cards (13 cards in Original OFCP) and arrange them as they want. Remaining cards after completing a 13-card hand are discarded. On a fantasyland round, the other players play and points are scored as usual. The requirement to stay in fantasyland is higher, 3 of a kind/full-house/4 of a kind, for top/middle/bottom respectively.

Progressive Fantasyland

Players receive one additional card for each hand rank above QQ when they enter Fantasyland (3 additional cards maximum). Remaining cards after completing a 13-card hand are discarded. In 2-7 lowball middle, the condition changes into building KK or better in the top row and 75432 in the middle row with the same hand.

Hand Rankings


High card (K9652): lowest possible hand. In ties, you take the value of the highest card, then the second highest...

Pair (KK652): two identical cards. In ties, you compare first the value of the pair (TT652>99AKQ)

Two Pair (KK662): two pairs. In ties the highest pair wins (AA662>JJ773)

3 of a Kind (KKK52): three identical cards. In ties you compare this trio first

Straight (K9JQT): five consecutive cards. In ties you compare the highest card (AKQJT9>JT987>T9876>5432A)

Flush: five cards of the same suit. In ties you compare the highest card

Full House (KKK55): 3 of a kind + pair. In ties you compare the value of the trio first, then the pair (33322>222AA)(666TT>66622)

4 of a Kind (KKKK2): four identical cards. In ties you compare the 4 of a kind first (33334>2222A)

Straight Flush: flush + straight

Royal Flush: Ace high Straight Flush



66 1 / 77 2 / 88 3 / 99 4 / TT 5 / JJ 6 / QQ 7 / KK 8 / AA 9 /

222 10 / 333 11 / 444 12 / 555 13 / 666 14 / 777 15 / 888 16 / 999 17 / TTT 18 / JJJ 19 / QQQ 20 / KKK 21 / AAA 22


Three of a kind 2

Straight 4

Flush 8

Full house 12

Four of a kind 20

Straight flush 30

Royal flush 50


Straight 2

Flush 4

Full house 6

Four of a kind 10

Straight flush 15

Royal flush 25