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You’re living the dream! You are in a band and about to go on tour! It’s your job to schedule the band’s stops over the 100-day tour, visiting as many U.S. states or European countries as possible.


The dice are rolled and the results are combined to form two different 2-digit numbers (i.e. 1 & 4 combine to form 14 & 41). A card is drawn and the lower number of the 2 is written on that card's state (or country), on each player map. The number is then circled.

That step is then repeated another time with the lower number, then two more time with the higher number.

The 4 cards are removed from the game.


Each turn, 3 cards are revealed for all players and the two dice are rolled, creating two 2-digit numbers.

All players simultaneously write each of these numbers in two empty states on their board. When writing numbers, players choose two of the three cards. The numbers must be

written in one of the regions on the displayed cards (North, Central...). If you write a number on the same state displayed on the card, it is circled. When writing numbers, a different card must be used for each number.

If you are unable to place any number in a state, because the states in the regions provided on the cards are all full (normally near the end of the game), you must place an (X) within a state in one of the valid regions.

If all three cards display the same region OR if doubles are rolled, each player draws one star in any one empty state on their board instead of writing numbers. The state must be in the same region as shown on the card. The star is circled.

End of the game and scoring

When only one or two empty states remain, cards aren't flipped. Instead, the dice are rolled and players may freely write numbers in any remaining states, following the usual rules.

When all states are filled, the game ends. Beginning in any state, draw a continuous route for your tour. The line must continue to any adjacent state with a number equal to or greater than the previous state you started in. Stars are wild and count as any number. You can never return to a state that you have already visited.

Score one point for each state you visit and an additional point for each encircled star or number on your route.

The highest score is the winner!