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Cards worth points

All Aces (A), Kings (K), Queens (Q), Jacks (J), and 10.

Special cards

  • Mighty: Ace of spades (unless spades are trumps, then the Ace of diamonds instead). Power: beats anything; you can play it even if it's not the lead suit; if the Ripper requires the Joker to be played and you have the Mighty and the Joker, you can play the Mighty instead.
  • Joker. Power: beats anything except the Mighty; you can play it even if it's not the lead suit since it has no suit. The Joker loses its power if leads the first trick or if the Ripper leads a trick and forces the Joker to be played.
  • Ripper or Joker Hunter: the 3 of clubs (unless clubs are trumps, then the 3 of spades instead). Power: can require the Joker to be played on this trick if the Ripper leads the trick and there cancels the power of the Joker. The Ripper has no effect if it leads the first trick.

Variation for 3 players

Some cards are removed: 2 to 6 of each suit. The declarer is alone. The bidding starts at 11 points.

Joker Hunter is 7 of clubs (if clubs are trumps, then 7 of spades instead).