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Libertalia is an auction game with a twist. During three campaigns, you have to gather doubloons and booty tiles to become the wealthiest pirate. Each turn, you play a numbered card to try to get first pick of the booty - but each card has special powers that affect how the auction will play out. Every player starts with the same set of cards, and you'll have to choose carefully which moment to play each card, and to try to read your opponents' strategies.


The game consists of 3 campaigns, broken up into 6 days.

In the first campaign, all players have an identical random set of 9 crew cards and 10 doubloons.


Each day has 4 phases:

Phase 1: Sunrise

Phase 2: Day

Phase 3: Dusk

Phase 4: Night

Phase 1: Sunrise In this phase, each player secretly chooses one crew card to play. Once everyone is ready, the players reveal their chosen crew members and place them on the cargo ship from lowest on the left to the highest on the right. If there is a tie, the lower tie breaker number goes the left of the higher. During this phase, all special actions that take place during sunrise happen from left to right.

Phase 2: Day The only thing that happens in this phase is all crew members with a day action (yellow sun symbol) must take it, in increasing order of rank. (lowest goes first).

Phase 3: Dusk Each crew must claim a booty token from below the ship. Tokens are chosen in decreasing order of rank (the opposite of Phase 2) so the highest ranking crew get the best selection of tokens. After a crew claims a booty and resolves their dusk action (red sun symbol) - if any - they are immediately placed in their player's den before the next booty is claimed (which is important if someone is claiming a sabre later.) In some circumstances there might be no more booty to claim when a crew's turn to claim is resolved which means they get no booty and go to their den empty handed.

Phase 4: Night The only thing that happens in this phase is crew members use their Night actions (moon symbol). The difference is all crew members in your den resolve their night actions every night. So that Barkeep (his action is to score you 1 doubloon each night) you played on day 1 of the current campaign, will keep paying you every night (as long as he stays alive.) Play those night cards early!

Note: All crew must resolve as much of their actions as possible, even if disadvantageous to themselves or their controller! The Brute might kill himself, the Cannoneer has to pay 3 gold even if there are no eligible crew in a den to kill, the Merchant will sell your set of jewels or treasure maps if you have no other sets of matching treasure.

Booty Tokens

  • Chest = 5 doubloons.
  • Jewels = 3 doubloons.
  • Goods = 1 doubloon.
  • Each set of 3 treasure maps = 12 doubloons. Incomplete sets of 1 or 2 treasure maps are worth nothing.
  • Each cursed relic makes you lose 3 doubloons.
  • Sabers and Spanish Officers are worth nothing but have effects when taken:
    • When the Saber is taken you must choose a character from an adjacent player's den and discard it if possible.
    • When the Spanish Officer is taken your character is discarded instead of being added to your den.

End of campaign

After the 6th day of the campaign, the round is over. Players resolve all “end of campaign” actions (anchor symbol) of crew members still alive in their dens (yes, crew members can be killed). All used crew members are removed from the game. Each player adds up the value of their booty tokens and doubloons (returning them to the bank) and moves their score marker ahead on the track. Each player should have 3 cards left in their hand. These carry over into the next 2 campaigns.

To setup for the next campaign each player gets 10 new doubloons and add an identical random set of 6 crew cards to the three crew left over. Thus players may have a slightly different hand from each other going forward.

End of game

Rounds 2 and 3 play just like round 1. At the end of the game the player with the most victory points is the winner.

Crew Powers

  • Parrot (1): Discard and replace with a different character (day).
  • Monkey (2): Give all your cursed relics to the player on your left (day).
  • Beggar (3): The player with the highest character in the ship gives you 3 doubloons (day).
  • Recruiter (4): Take back one character from your den into your hand (day).
  • Cabin Boy (5): Don't take any booty tiles (dusk).
  • Preacher (6): Discard all booty tiles but one (day). Gain 5 doubloons (end).
  • Barkeep (7): Gain 1 doubloon (night).
  • Waitress (8): Discard a treasure map to gain 3 doubloons (night).
  • Carpenter (9): Lose half of your doubloons (day). Gain 10 doubloons (end).
  • French Officer (10): Gain 5 doubloons if you have less than 9 doubloons (day).
  • Voodoo Witch (11): Gain 2 doubloons for each of your discarded characters (day).
  • Freed Slave (12): Gain 2 doubloons for each character in your den with a rank higher than 12 (night).
  • Mutineer (13): Discard the character with the lowest rank in your den (not mutineer) and gain 2 doubloons (night).
  • Brute (14): Discard the character with the highest rank in the ship (day).
  • Gunner (15): Pay 3 doubloons to discard any character of your choice (day).
  • Topman (16): Gain 5 doubloons if you have the fewest characters in your den (end).
  • Spanish Spy (17): Discard all Spanish officers and draw 1 booty for each officer discarded (day).
  • Cook (18): Take 2 booty tiles (dusk).
  • Bosun (19): Gain 2 doubloons for each character in your den with a rank lower than 19 (night).
  • Armorer (20): Gain 1 doubloon for each sabre (night).
  • Merchant (21): Discard 2 identical booty tiles to gain 3 doubloons or 3 identical booty tiles to gain 5 doubloons (day).
  • Surgeon (22): Take back one discarded character into your hand (day).
  • Treasurer (23): Gain 1 doubloon for each of your goods, jewels and chests (end).
  • Gambler (24): Lose 1 doubloon for each of your booty (day). Gain 8 doubloons (end).
  • Governor's Daughter (25): Gain 6 doubloons if only you have the Governor's Daughter. Otherwise, lose 3 doubloons (end).
  • Quarter Master (26): Gain 1 doubloon for each of your booty (day). Lose 8 doubloons (end).
  • Granny Wata (27): Gain 2 doubloons if there is only 1 Granny Wata, otherwise discard all Granny Watas (night).
  • First Officer (28): Gain 1 doubloon for each character in your den (end).
  • Captain (29): Gain 3 doubloons (day). Lose 3 doubloons for each of your cursed relics (end).
  • Spanish Governor (30): Discard all characters from your den (day).