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Catch your enemy's lion to win


The pieces can be moved in the directions denoted by their dots.

Chicks can move forward one space.

The Chick can be promoted to a Hen if it exits on the opponent's side. The Chick wont be promoted if it is placed in the back row.

Hens can be moved similar to Lions except can not move diagonally backwards

A captured Hen always downgrades to a Chick

A lion can move one space in any direction.

A Lion cannot knowingly move into a space where it could then be captured.

An elephant can move one space diagonally.

A giraffe can move one space left, right, forward or back.


On your turn, pick one of your pieces and move it one space in an allowed direction (but you cannot move into your own pieces)

Alternatively, you may place a piece out onto the board

If you move your piece onto an opponent non-Lion piece, capture it and keep it to your side ready to deploy

Game End

There are four ways to end the game

First, if the same actions are repeated 3 times, there is a draw

If you catch your opponent's lion, you win!

If your Lion exits on the opponent's side, you win! However, you lose if your Lion is caught right after he reaches there

If you cannot make a move, you lose