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Game objective

The objective is to have more cabbages than other players at the end of the game. Each player starts the game with 15 cabbages. Unfortunately, this being a casino, it's easier to lose cabbages than to win them.

Game overview

There are four 'suits' - red, purple, green and blue - each of which contains cards from 0 through 9.

There is one golden casino card and three ordinary casino cards. The ordinary casino cards are replaced each round. Ordinary casino cards can be either a number or a suit.

Game play

The game consists of one to four rounds. Each round comprises a number of tricks, depending on the number of players. Each player plays a card in turn. Each card must follow the suit of the leading card, unless the player does not have a card of that suit. The trick is won by the highest card of the leading card's suit, unless a 0 of another suit has been played, in which case the last 0 of a different suit wins the trick.

The winner of the trick becomes the leader for the next trick.

If a trick is won containing a 7, for each 7 the trick winner can place a token on the casino, as follows:

  • the golden token can only be placed on the golden casino card, either designating 'min' or 'max'.
  • the ordinary tokens can only be placed on the ordinary casino cards, provided they do not already contain a token.

When all cards have been played, the round is scored, as follows:

  • the player who has fulfilled the golden casino card condition (either least or most tricks won) takes the golden casino penalty, designated by the golden token.
  • players who fulfil the ordinary casino card conditions take the corresponding penalty or bonus:
- where the condition is a number, for each card of that number in their won tricks.
- where the condition is a suit, for each group of three of that suit in their won tricks

The game ends when the agreed number of rounds (four) have been completed or a player has lost all their cabbages. The player with the most remaining cabbages wins.