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HEROOJ (heroes, in esperanto language) is an abstract board game for 2 players, which can be played on an 8x8 board, with 10 pawns (double-sided pieces) and 4 masters for each player. You can use a set of checker-like pieces or poker chips, with a mark on its bottom side to recognize promoted pawns or "Herooj". For the Masters, you can use 4 pawns from a chess set, or any other 4 pieces of your election.

Rules: PAWNS: A pawn can move 1 or 2 cells orthogonally or diagonally forward, (backwards and sideways moves are not allowed for pawns). they can capture by jumping orthogonally (in straight line) over an adjacent friendly piece and falling on an inmediately adjacent enemy piece, which is removed from the board, (backwards and sideways captures are allowed, but not diagonal captures).

MASTERS: A master can move 1 or 2 cells in any direction, orthogonally or diagonally forward and backwards. Also, it can capture in the same way of pawns (jumping over an adjacent friendly piece and falling on an inmediately adjacent enemy piece) but in any of 8 directions (including diagonals).

HEROOJ: When a pawn reaches the far rank of the board is promoted to "heroo". It can move sideways and backwards (orthogonally and diagonally), but NOT FORWARD. It captures like pawns.

GOAL: The goal of HEROOJ is bringing back one heroo to the player's safe zone (2 first rows of the player's side). A player can also win if they eliminate all the opponent's pawns/herooj.