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You are trying to have the most of the same Hen type by game's end


On your turn you will draw 2 new cards, play one card, discard one card

For each card drawn, you can either draw from the deck or from an opponent's discard pile (you cannot draw from an opponent in the first round)

Place a hen in your 4x3 or 3x4 grid whilst respecting orthogonal adjacency rules, the adjacent hens can either be the same breed (colour) and any number OR different breed/colour but 1 higher or lower in value (e.g. a 3 can go next to a 2 or a 4)

If you cannot, or don't wish to, place a hen following placement rules, place it facedown as a coop for -1 points but still adjacent to previously laid cards. After which, any hen can be placed adjacent to a coop, but still respecting any other adjacent hens.

Finally, discard a hen from your hand


At the end of the 6th round, all players simultaneously place their rooster token on a hen

The group of hens marked by the rooster will score at the end in addition to the largest group unless they are the same, as such it's advised to NOT place the rooster on the group you think will be the largest

Game End

The game ends at the end of the 12th round

Count the eggs depicted on the largest continuous group of hens of the same breed (colour). If two or more groups tie for largest group, the group with the most eggs will score only

Count the eggs depicted on your rooster breed group UNLESS this was also your largest (or best largest) group, in which case no eggs are scored

For both types, eggs = 1vp each

Any medals anywhere are added up and score 2 point per 3 medals

Each Coop is worth -1vp (negative)

Score the two goals on the goal card, EVERYONE can score these if they apply, and note that some goals give negative points

After which, the player with the most points wins!

If tied, the player with the largest group of hens wins!

If still tied, the player with the second largest group wins!

If still tied, the player with the most medals wins!

If still tied, the tied players both win!