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GORAMI is a strategy game for 2 persons from the box "Gurami - The Game" containing 3 games based on the Gurami puzzles.

There are 3 boards to choose from which differ in the amount of triangular fields (16, 22 or 24). The players choose a colour (yellow or blue) and receive sets of discs each with the numbers 1, 2 and 3 (3 sets for the 16 field board, 4 sets for the other). Turn by turn the players place discs on the board with the goal to conquer more stripes than the opponent by having higher sums of one's own gaming pieces. A stripe is an area containing all adjacent fields in one of the three possible directions.

The placing rules are simple:

  • ~ Every field can just take 1 disc.
  • ~ It is forbidden to place same numbers on neighbouring fields (regardless the colour).

It is possible to capture discs:

  • ~ If you place a disc on the last empty neighbour field of an opposing piece, the piece is turned to one's own colour.
  • ~ If it is one of your own pieces, nothing happens.

The game ends when all fields are filled, or if both players cannot place another disc. The pieces in every stripe are summed up. The higher sum is marked with a coloured fish token. The player who has collected more fish tokens wins.

In case of a tie the player with the higher sum on the middle fields (these are all fields without connection to the border; for the 22 field board it is a triangle consisting of 4 fields, for example) wins. If the score is still tied, the game ends in a draw.