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The aim is to reach 100 points through making melds (runs or sets with 3 or more cards)

Aces are low (A-2-3)


  • Take either the face up card in the discard pile or draw the top card from the draw deck.
  • Discard 1 card
  • Sum of your cards that do not form sets or run is called "deadwood". All face cards are considered as 10 and Aces are 1.
  • When your deadwood value is below 10, you can call "knock" and score the deadwood in your opponent's hand minus the deadwood in your hand. If, however, your opponent has a lower deadwood value than you, they score the difference instead as well as get the undercut bonus. The amount of the undercut bonus can be set to different values on BGA, 10 is the typical.
  • If your deadwood value is 0 (all cards are in sets or runs), you can call "gin" and score 25 points + the deadwood value of your opponent's hand.
  • The first person who reaches 100 points wins the game