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Be the first to place all your tokens on the frame tiles in your display


One player takes the bag and drawers players+1 number of tiles (so 5 in a 4 player game)

That player then selects one tile from those on offer and adds it orthogonally adjacent to those in their display

In clockwise order, the other players do the same

When it comes to the final tile, the bag drawer takes this one too

Then the bag is passed on for a new bag drawer


Tiles are made up of objectives (number in circle) and frames (border)

The objectives tell you how many frames of what colour need to be in that row and column in a continuous adjacency

Some tiles may have multiple frames e.g. a tile with objective 3 green with 1 green frame, next to a tile with 2 green frames and no objectives, satisfies the objective of 3 green frames

Once an objective has been met, cover the objective with one of your tokens

There are four types of objectives

One type requires a number of a single colour frame

Another requires a combo of two colours in any amount equaling the total

Another gives an OPTION of two colours, but only ONE can be used to complete

The final type requires one objective to be completed before the other, shown by an arrow

Game End

The game can end immediately if a player places their final token on an objective and wins!

Alternatively, if the final tiles are drawn and no one has achieved this yet, after this round the player with the most completed objectives wins