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Finity is an abstract strategy game for 2 to 4 players ages 9 and up.

At the beginning of the game, players randomly select 8 black and white cone-shaped path indicators and stack them in the middle of the board. The black and white pattern of these indicators, read from bottom to top, becomes the path pattern for the game.

The object of the game is to build a legal full path of black and white bridges from the station holding your own base post to the center station such that the pattern of bridges crossed is exactly the same as the black and white path pattern of the game.

Bridges are shared resources. Bridges may be crossed multiple times as part of a path. Stations may be passed through in a path no more times than the number of the players rings on the station.

A player's rings can only occupy stations to which there is a legal partial path from the player's base post.

Playing the game

Once the board has been set up and the path pattern is established, players take turns making one move at a time. Allowable moves are as follows:

1. Place a bridge of any color in any unobstructed slot between any two stations on the board, provided there is not already a bridge of the same color going the same direction between the same two stations.

2. Reverse any bridge anywhere on the board, provided the resulting bridge color and direction would not be redundant between two stations (i.e., no two bridges may ever be the same color and direction between the same two stations).

3. Place one of the player's own colored rings on any station reachable by a legal partial path, as long as the station is not occupied by the player's own base post. A legal partial path means that the black and white pattern of bridges follows the black and white path pattern from the beginning (bottom of the tower) and that the partial path to a station contains enough rings on intermediary stations to pass through those stations as many times as necessary to reach the station.

4. Place either of their own blockers in any open slot between any two stations, or remove an opponent's blocker if there are at least 20 bridges currently on the board.

5. Remove a bridge if the player occupies the highest position (smallest ring or base post) on the destination (point) station of the bridge to be removed.

6. Relocate their base post to any station provided that the player has at least one legal ring still on the board after the base post relocation. The base post may be relocated to a station occupied by the player's own ring, and rings on the same station with the base post count as legal rings.




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