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You create and satisfy 8 objectives chosen by yourself which are presented across 8 rounds


Firstly, everyone simultaneously picks a card to be their next region card on their tableau

If a player plays a card which has an Exploration Duration (top left number) higher than the previous card, they gain 1 Sanctuary card + 1 Sanctuary card per Clue in their possession

The final part of the turn is taken in turn order, from lowest to highest Exploration Duration. A player first takes a new Region card of their choice from the supply, then if they gained multiple Sanctuary cards they now have to choose just one to keep

Game End

The game ends at the end of the 8th round

At this point, flip all your regions face down as this is important for how scoring works (Sanctuaries stay face up)

Reveal the rightmost Region card and, if it meets the requirements in the middle right (if any), score it based on the icons in the lower right. It can be a fixed number, or may be based on how many of certain biomes or icons [counting only icons in the upper right] are face up (at this point, only one card and the sanctuaries are face up).

Then reveal the next rightmost Region card and score it, and so forth until you score all 8 regions

It's important to note that the cards that were placed earlier will still be upside down and thus will NOT help score cards placed later, so take this into account during the main phase

Once all regions have been scored and are now face up, score the Sanctuaries in whatever order you please

After which, the player with the highest score wins!

If tied, the player with the lowest total Exploration Duration wins!!