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Empire Plateau (arena) is the on-line adaptation of the 2 to 4 multi-player version of the same game. Difference being, EP arena has quicker-contact between opposing armies due to being on the smaller 16 x 11 long/latt' grid as opposed to the 24 x 11 used by its First edition cardboard sibling. EP arena is configured for just 2-players at a time.


Conquer your Opponent's Empire Base by landing any of your game pieces on it. The Empires base is situated underneath the Emblem armies starting position.


On your turn, you must make the minimum of 6 moves

Each army can only move up to its value, e.g. a 4 can only move up to 4 spaces, so a 4 + a 2 moving full will count as the minimum required, likewise 3 4s moving at half speed (2) would count towards the minimum of 6

The Emblem, with no number, can be moved up to 12 spaces, if it is moved after a small army (2,4 or 6), no other small army can then be moved again on that turn, and if moved before small army, it can also not be moved again on that turn. The Emblem is the only army that can be stationed or moved through its own Empire's Base and just moving the Emblem on a turn without deploying small armies is acceptable as long as it moves the minimum requirement of 6 moves.

A single move is from one dot to another dot connected by a line, in any viable direction accept diagonal.

An army when moved cannot end up on the same dot it started from, but can freely change direction during its move (e.g. it could go forward, left/back, right - any combo)

An army cannot be moved a second time in the same turn even if it has moves remaining.


If your army captures an opponent, this ends its move and the opponent army is removed from the board

2s can only capture if moved in an L shape

4s can jump any army next or adjacent to it before resolving the remainder of its move (inc. capturing/conquering), but it cannot change direction in the air and the jumped piece is not captured.


Keep your own base protected from long range Emblem Attacks

Utilise the Jumping 4 high up the board to conquer

Use the multitude of 2s to cover your armies from being captured