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Each player starts with 9 cards face down to make up their mine and also one on the side to indicate their favorite color.

Once one player has all of their cards flipped over, the game ends.

Types of Cards

  • Adventure cards (The verbose ones)
  • Gem cards
  • Idol cards
  • Skeleton cards

Hand limit

Hand limit is 3.

Game Play

A player may play up to two cards from their hand.

a) Play an adventure card and apply its effect.

b) Swap facedown cards with gems. The revealed gem will go into your hand and can be used for swapping subsequently.

c) You can't play an idol card from your hand if there is already one in your mine. However, it is possible to end up with more than one idol in your mine through other card effects.

You will need to discard down to 3 cards at the end of your turn. Discarding additional cards is optional as your hand will automatically be filled back up to 3.

The positions in your tableau are numbered 1 through nine (i.e. the top row are positions 1,2,3, middle row positions 4, 5, 6, and bottom row 7,8,9). You get points if you place the card with a number of gems in the place that matches that number (so for instance you want a card with 1 gem on the top left of your tableau, and a card with 9 gems at the bottom right).       

Game End

When one player has all 9 cards turned over.

We end the current round so that all players play the same number of times.

Then each player turns over the face down cards he has in his mine and counts his points.

End Game Scoring

Favorite color in correct position = 3 points
Favorite color in incorrect position = 2 points
Non-favorite color in correct position = 1 point
Idol cards = 2 points
Skeleton cards = no points

Sum up your score and the person with highest score wins.

Tie breaker: the person with the most consecutive cards of their favorite color wins.