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The king is dead.

His last wish was to be laid to rest in the royal crypt with all of his prized possessions, the very same family heirlooms he once promised to you and his other children. Feeling cheated and betrayed, you summon your most loyal servants to help you break into the crypt and claim that which is rightfully yours. Unfortunately, your siblings had the same idea

At the end of the game, the player whose Treasure is worth the most Coins wins.


Crypt is played in a series of rounds until the deck runs out of Treasure Cards. Each round has 4 phases:

I. Reveal

Treasure Cards are revealed from the Treasure Card deck according to the number of players. This is a mix of face-up and face-down cards.

Players Face-ups Face-downs
1-2 2 1
3 3 1
4 4 2

II. Claim

Starting with the Leader and continuing to the left, each player performs one of the two actions:

1. Claim Treasure cards

Place any number of Servants onto the desired Treasure cards, choosing any value on the die to designate each Servant’s effort. (The higher the value, the more likely your Servant will become exhausted.) You may also place multiple Servants on the same Treasure card as long as they have the same effort value.

Subsequent players may claim unoccupied Treasure cards or push an opponent’s Servants off of a card by placing dice with a higher total effort value. When pushing out Servants, all dice from the Treasure card are removed and returned to their owner.

The player with the Lights Out card takes the last turn. When claiming on the last turn, you can only place Servants on one Treasure card. In a 2-player game, the Leader also has the Lights Out card and therefore gets a second turn to claim or recover.

2. Recover all exhausted Servants

Take all your exhausted Servants from the exhausted servants area and return them to your Player card.

III. Collect

Any unclaimed treasure is discarded. All Servant Dice that are on Treasure Cards are rolled. Each die that rolls less than its effort value is exhausted and placed in the exhausted servant's area.

Regardless of dice results you always collect the Treasure Cards that your servants claimed. Collected Treasure Cards are placed face-down in your personal player area. Once you have enough Treasure Cards of a type to activate a Collector you will be automatically provided with an option to activate them.

When you activate a collector the cards used are flipped face-up.

If all your placed Servants were pushed out, youre exhausted servants are automatically recovered.

IV. Pass the Torch

Torch Cards are passed to the left.

Game End

When the Treasure deck runs out, the current round is completed. This ends the game. The player with the most Coins wins.

Players’ final scores are determined by adding the following:

  1. Coins on Treasure cards (including flipped cards)
  2. Bonus Coins from Collectors
  3. 1 Coin for each unexhausted Servant die

In case of a tie, each tied player rolls all of their unexhausted Servant dice and adds them together. Re-roll ties. The player with the higher result wins.