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Paint the best 3 Paintings across the course of the game


You can do one of two actions on your turn:

Take an Art Card


Complete a Painting

The maximum number of Art Cards you can hold is 5, and as such if you are at this limit you are forced to do the Complete a Painting action

Take an Art Card

You start with four Inspiration Tokens

Choose a card from the Art Row to purchase

If the Art Card you take is furthest from the deck, this is free

If you want any other Art Card, you must place an Inspiration Token on all cards to the left of it

If the Art Card you take has Inspiration Tokens on it, you gain them

Complete a Painting

To take this action, you must have at least 3 Art Cards in hand

Choose 3 Art cards in your hand and sleeve them in an order of your choosing, leftmost on the bottom and stacking to rightmost on top

Any symbols (color swatches on the base of each card) which are covered will be ignored

As an example, if you had Card A with a centre and right symbol, Card B with a right symbol, and Card C with a left symbol. Card C will never be ignored, likewise with Card A's centre symbol, but depending on how you order Card A and B, one of their right symbols will be lost

Once the painting is configured, you now score it

There are two main types of scoring, external and internal

External scoring looks at the four scoring cards set up at the beginning of the game

You take a number of that colour ribbon equal to the amount of unique times you scored it e.g. with a scoring card of pairs of triangles, 3 triangles would score you 1 Ribbon whilst 4 triangles would score you 2 Ribbons

Internal scoring looks at the Silver Ribbon icons you put into the painting, these have their own scoring functions e.g. how many other symbols are triangles, and are scored in the same way so if you had 3 triangles, you'd score 3 Silver Ribbons in addition to coloured ribbons

Game End

The game ends for each player when they have completed their third painting, after which they pass until everyone has completed 3 paintings

At game end, count up the quantity of each colour ribbon, and score points equal to what's shown on its scoring card

Silver Ribbons score 2 points each regardless of how many are collected

The player with the most points wins, or if a tie, the player with the most Inspiration Tokens wins