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Complete your planet and nearby moon with tokens


First, take a terrain token from the pool (If the pool is empty, refill it to 5)

Place the chosen token onto your Planet board in any empty space (you can always make space by sliding previous tokens, but cannot rearrange tokens already placed)

If you match a sequence as shown on a Biome card, you may claim it. However, you can only claim ONE biome per turn, even if you match several.


Your moon space, in the corner, is a special space that can only hold one token and can never be changed once filled

It can be filled as you normally would any other empty space

At the point of making your moon, you MAY move a token on your planet to a different position

At end game, your moon gives you 3 points per matching token in your planet (The moon itself is NOT scored)

End game

The game ends when all players have filled their planet and moon with tokens

Score all biomes collected during the game

Score 3 bonus points per planet token which matches your moon token

The player with the most points wins!

If tied, the player with the most varied tokens wins!